Leap Year!

February – which a month it has been! First over, I can’t believe how fixed the time has gone by. With a trivial over two weeks till our Medical Pharmacology shallow exam, and just about 8 weeks until our last test, the end of our program is rapidly approaching. Currently, we are in the between the extremes of our psychopharmacology block. While I don’t be of opinion psychiatry is the area I direct end up in, it is a scene of military operations that I have very little actual presentation with, so each lecture topic has been extremely enlightening.

I am happy to statement that volunteering has been going highly smoothly. Now that we’ve been acting with the same teacher at SciHigh as antidote to a while, I think he has figured ~right exactly how he wants to turn to account the Tulane pharmacology students. I bear been mostly working to help prepare more of the struggling students for the EOC exam that is advent up in a couple of months. However, this daybreak none of the student’s minds were without ceasing the EOC exam because they are alluring the ACT tomorrow! The girl I worked through today told me she was looking ready to taking the ACT and felt like she had skilled well for it. I’m excited to learn how she felt it went whenever I see her next week.

New Orleans has been real good to me this past month, level apart from school. Mardi Gras took condition in the first half of the month and it was the greatest in quantity fun I’ve had in a righteous while. The way the whole city got into Mardi Gras spirit was unlike anything I have ever experienced, and the parades and floats were an amazing scene to take in. I am already looking forward to next year’s Mardi Gras.

On a indirect note, the Tulane Cycling team upright hosted our conference’s first nation of the season this past weekend. While the men’s team didn’t earn the results we were hoping since, we worked together very well and are looking giving ground of hope for the rest of the make palatable. The women’s team did incredibly well, especially some of the first time racers! Overall it was a excellent weekend spent racing with some great team mates. 

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