March-ing Along

March, that which a month!  Not only did we be delivered of our last block exam for the year (the Psychiatry Block), but that we had our massively important NBME Shelf exam at the same time that well as our second Cell Control exam.  Academically, this has been a moderately beautiful challenging month as I have in addition been studying for the MCAT exam in joining to the coursework for all of these tests.  While it hasn’t been at rest to stay disciplined in studying, much of the good academic habits that I’ve piked up from this program along through the overlap of material help the operation.

For volunteering, this month I’ve continued laboring at Sci High and St. Anna’s Medical Mission.  From helping the kids in the afternoon biomedical information class it seems apparent that the most wise way to make an impact and be joined with students is to come to rank consistently.  Starting last semester, volunteering in this rank has allowed me to observe their class’s dynamics and more effectively alleviate out in the classroom when students be in possession of questions.
At St. Anna’s Medical Mission, I lettered how to get a patient’s mettle glucose by finger prick and in what plight to register a new patient in their computer system.  This clinic, which recently moved from using a expressive bus to being located at their Treme ecclesiastical body for more regular hours, offers descendants pressure testing, blood sugar testing, and anonymous HIV testing, as well as freedom from disease counseling regarding hypertension, diabetes, and other well lifestyle changes.  Another important outline of this clinic is that it offers denunciation on other health clinics that are liberal or low-cost, usually located present where the patient lives.  We significance the importance of preventative measures in health as well as trying to having a suitable accordant healthcare facility so that the indefatigable’s history can be built up there for better care.
For our Environmental Pharmacology beat, each member of the class went abroad into an area in the community to collect soil samples.  These samples last ~ and testament be tested for their lead content as part of research into how this environmental pollutant may be prevailing in areas where children play and by what means it may be affecting their evolution.  Some of my classmates and I went to soccer fields and playgrounds in City Parks in what place we have seen families with children playing and collected a scarcely any ounces of top soil.

A bill on New Orleans’ spring weather: some days have been nice and mild (perfect for hanging out at the Fly) further others quickly turn from cloudy to lightning/thunderstorms.  The dampness that I remember so acridly from hindmost summer is slowly creeping back and with daylight savings time taking effect, days are acquisition longer and longer.

Emery and I ran the 8K Shamrockin’ Run under the jurisdiction St. Patrick’s Day.  I got one more PR!  

Sci High 3/10 – 2 hours, 3/16 – 2 hours
St. Anna’s 3/21 – 3 hours, 3/28 – 3 hours

In addition, it is important to stimulate anabolic universalism of joint cartilage and synovial fluid.

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