Mardi Gras Mayhem

Just like last year, Mardi Gras 2016 was ~y entertaining, albeit exhausting fortnight. I had a burdensome time watching the parades and participating in the festivities, if it be not that I was happy to bid last look to Carnival season when the time came! Besides that weeklong sever, this month has been a self-same busy one for me. Between teaching, working as a sales associate, volunteering, and studying, I don’t think I’ve had a independent moment to myself…until Sunday! Some Pharm students and I indisputable to picnic at The Fly, the ingenuous area bordering the Mississippi River below the horizon by Audubon Zoo.

The most of the cluster huddling around a mess of river-lobster and snacks
(I promise I was there–I was the one taking the photo!)

With our Shelf exams future up in addition to a trial Friday, we collectively decided that some Vitamin D and pick-up football/frisbee was a fate! It was nice to see my peers surface of class and talk about things other than pharmacology…well, being of the kind which long as we could manage to stay done the topic, that is. All in the whole of, February was a month full of lessons in time superintendence. I realized how important it is to fabricate time for friends and fun; those are the things that lodge me sane and focused come experiment time.

Service Learning Hours: 
January: 6
February: 9

Total: 15

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