Maria Sharapova and the doping-scandal..

The Russian tennist, Maria Sharapova, could prolix practically 30 thousands of dollars owing to a doping-scandal. According to the infos of Bloomberg, the sportgirl has received this amount of money as a capture for having taken part in the opened Championship in Australia.
However this are dribs and drabs taking into account, what has Sharapova earnt from the relating to traffic spots: only in ’15, the contracts gain given her 23 mln of dollars. Just in favor of a comparison, the taking-part in the tournaments be delivered of given here only 6 mln. The brands, that sponsor Maria are: Porsche, Rang-Rover, Tiffany, Samsung and Canon. Nike was the technical sponsor of Sharapova when she used to work freely in the junior tournaments.
In ’10, the tennist-maid has negotiated a 10-years absorb take in with Nike for 700 mln of dollars, however, already after some hours after the bear down-conference, where Sharapova has confessed the employment of doping, the worldwide producer of sportswear and rigging, Nike, has said about the impediment of the relations with the Russian lassie till the ending of the sifting.


And it came out today from the operation “Reuter”, that the Switzerland watches’ crew TAG Heuer, whose production was reclamed ~ means of Maria Sharapova, won’t prolong the catch with the tennis-girl.
It was besides came out, that the car circle, Porsche, has cancelled all the events by the Sharapova’s partecipation. The relation from the company Nike, that was the highest to interrupt the ad contract. It’s reported, I quote, “we’re disappointed and surprised at the intelligence by Maria Sharapova. We’ve beyond all question to freeze our relations with Maria until the ending of the investigation. We’ll come the situation.”


Experts say, that this employment, that got created, better, than a single one other things, shows the fact, that nor one nor the other one Russian athlete can’t veil the use of doping. This is what they’ve hinted at in Europe diverse times and also at the powers that be level.
I remember, that on the latest Sunday, the German tele-strait ARD has shown the third pellicle about the doping in the Russian vestige-and-fields athletique. The authors’ commom aim: Russians don’t struggle with the doping, on the other hand they make semblance.
About who and wherefore try to damage the image of the Russian monstrosity, Anton Podkavenko.

The big fun is like a big policy. When the stakes are with equal rea~n much high, and the question is relating to some worldwide records or tournaments in more different continents, some news and particulars get clued, that it’s hardly to find out a country, whose athletes are completely “free from defect” from the point of view of the sharp and rules, that had been fixed before. And here the question is: at the time that, how and who they suspect. And who sparks on the farther side these controls, in particular in the International olympic Committee.

“It’s arrived Roge, a in greater numbers principle person, who’s arisen this proposition harsher in another way and later than that some measures have been adopted harsher and wider. They’ve started to order for money out, they’ve reached other sportmen, they’ve reached any other level and right now this tart situation, this phenomenon has emerged being of the cl~s who a massive one and it concerns not sole our athletes, but many other countries through some athletes too.”

Films, shown in the German television, confer the situation regarding the Russian amusement, bluntly speaking, in a miserable diffusion of luminous rays, they’ve entailed the investigation of the International anti-doping direction. The third one film has draw near out in the latest days, and more squarrels have arisen: will our athletes take element in the Olympic games of Rio de Janeiro? The clamour on every side of this is huge. But the playful press-service keeps the silence having regard to the fact, that other famous Kenian runners got caught in the doping. And the kind of about the weight-athletes from Bulgaria, who employment the steroids, as it came to the end after the recent controls? This event for a certain reason hasn’t sparked along the effect of a blowing bomb.

Dmitriy Svishev: “In the austere International situation we’re situated in, the game is an enough important instrument of astuteness. For that reasons, it’s inevitable to study or to concern ~ one problems, that could arise with heed. In every other situation where the whole of is calm, where there’s the sun, they would haven’t paid mindfulness to this problem but right at present it’s necessary to be in reality accure. There’s not neither individual medicines, neither one vitamine without every harsh accurate study.”

And obviously the Maria Sharapova’s announcement-confession adds fuel to the torture, our star at the International state of equality about the positive doping-test towards the Meldonium, as a thunder in the even now grey sky of the national joke. Sharapova has started to use the Meldonium or “Mildronat”, the relating to traffic name of this medicine, 10 years ~ne. The medicine is known since ’70, and it was prevalent among the body-builders, and it gets prescribed to patients, who asylum’t enough magnesium.

Nikolay Karkishenko: “Sportmen are subjected to a enormous tension, there aren’t so multitude healthy people among sportment. And it’s requirement to deal with the energy, the life-tonus. And some other thing is the sportive pharmacology, the provisions-products, food as medicines, and it’s a thorough another thing the medicines, that are prosperously used in the clinique. It’s unecessary to appliance them.”

The doping-scandals for the tennis aren’t to such a degree characteristic. Obviously, the sport isn’t to such a degree easy, but that’s not the running, navigation, the railing. It’s kinda like the stimulators aren’t needed.

Andrey Chesnokov: ” When I used to work freely, I completely trusted in my adept, who worked with me, with our team and when he gave me that kind of medicines, expression at that time, that they would subsist vitamines, do you understand, I didn’t advance to the lab for making more tests or for saying: what’s that? Do you learn?”

The Meldonium is considered as doping after 1st of January. The Sharapova’s instructor couldn’t not know this. To all appeareances, the famous tennis-girl plant herself out to be guilty of the make known-factum.”

Vasiliy Shestakov: “I think, that the savant’s inadvertance, who it’s been a far-reaching and enough period, since he used this medicine, has happened here, but when it got caught in the leading predicate of the forbidden ones, he didn’t succeed in stopping, or superiority in advicing it to Maria Sharapova. But I apprehend, that this error could be resolved, the question isn’t the fact, that our tennist-miss and figure-girls got caught in it: I consider, that there lots of other athletes, who could strictly get caught in it in the nearest period. A more serious system of notification should be foretold.”

The Russian dancing conjoin, Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitriy Solovjev, couldn’t observe at the World Championship Tournament at the cessation of March in Boston due to the same Meldonium. Bobrova as the same Sharapova, has taken the “Mildronat” in favor of adding the level of magnesium in the posterity. In occasion of some difficult phisical loads, and it doesn’t number on skate or with a uproar in the hand, the organism burns in a descending course as one of the first. But the topic of the doping arises by the way.

Viktor Janchuk: “She has arisen veritably harsh above all in the latest time, being of the cl~s who an explosion! And obviously this is unexpectedly and unwelcome. There’s not a smoke lacking a fire, and here there are in likelihood some fundamentals for threating our athletes, who takes the doping, in that habitual method. But it’s necessary to undersand, that the enigma hasn’t arisen in the latest year and not in a puff. There’s the fault of the comic organizations, of the highest ones, because example the International Olympic Commitee, of more different federations, joining the Commitee. Why? The symptoms were without deductions, if we must grasp an mind in that, it’s necessary to struggle by this seriously earlier, not to own it to achieve this popular context”.

None says, that the situation in the national sport is ideal from the promontory of view of doping. But steady the background of the International locality, those, who suffer from the excitement around the Russian doping-scandals elementary of all those, who are considered at the professional speech, as “clear”.


An entire serious of repulsive news from the big sport are in earnest linked with the big policy. Our famed athletes get convinced one after the other single in the adoption of the forbidden physic “Meldonium”. We’ll tell in minutiae what this medicine is about, otherwise than that right now let’s talk around the first statement, that has literally shocked.
Maria Sharapova, the main Russian tennist-lassie, could miss the Olympic Games in Brasil, because  the “Meldonium” was build out in her blood.
Maria has personally told in regard to all during a press-conference and more hours after this, the ad contracts as far as concerns tens thousands of dollars were dissolved.
Alexander Hristienko almost the beginning of the scandal and here and there the most beatiful tennis-girl of the planet.

The dejected room and the gloomy Maria Sharapova’s posture have sparked off some strange presentiments in a lots of the community . There were some rumours going up~ the body, about the fact, that the star of the International tennis could bring to the notice of the public the conclusion of the career debt to some injuries, but it’s turned loudly, that doping could prevent her from acquirement into the court.

Maria Sharapova: “Some days ago I’ve received a letter from the International Federation of Tennis around the fact, that I hasn’t passed the doping-ordeal for the World Championship Tournament in Australia. I’ve really flunked the test, and due to that, I take wholly the responsabilities for that.”

According to the Sharapova’s language, he’s been adopting the medicine under the name of “Mildronade”, besides known as “Mildronium” for already 10 years, ~ the load of the doctor’s prescription.

Maria Sharapova: “I’ve made a inflated error and I’ve let my fans into disgrace and I’ve disappointed a gayety I’ve involved in it because I was 14th years old.”

The famed American trainer, Nick Bollettieri, who used to body of attendants before Andre Agassi and Monique Seichelles, has said, that Sharapova has an inflexible emblem.   
But the ex-before anything else tennis-girl of the world has achieved her self-conceited success in the show-business: in accordance with duty now Sharapova is the most in a high degree. paid sport-girl in the globe: according to the infos of Forbes, she’s earnt 30 mln of dollars in the former year and all her condition is valued at 150 mln of dollars.

She has plane her brand of sweet-meats in America in a state of inferiority to the name of “Sugarpova” by combining the word “sugar” and the family “Sharapova” no more than the most fundamental earning is brought ~ the agency of the ad contracts, that right at once are melting down in front of the eyes.
Due to the relation of doping, the collaboration with the ridicule-girl has been already interrupted ~ means of Porsche, the Switzerland watches’ brand TAG Heuer and Nike, who Sharapova had the biggest draw together of 8 years with, at the price of 70 mln of dollars: some entire line of clothes.

Rivals receive reacted to this in different ways: the principally principle one, Serena Williams, has fix out some words of support.

Serena Williams: “The majoirity of the folks were boggled and shocked at the Maria’s bickering. But I think, that her confession is a hardy and personal action, requiring a lots of courage.”

It’s possible for them to before that time struggle in the finals of common of the tournaments.

Maria Sharapova: “I be sure, that lots of you were reasoning about, that I would end my course of conduct, but I won’t announce it today, as if I had announced about the settlement of the career, I would asylum’t announced it in an hotel of LA in front of the crowd-service with a so terrible carpet.”

The serious joking and the terrible carpet be seized of been valued: Sharapova has carried uncovered the press-conference in the exactly disposition of the game: being calm and without loosing the self-control.

Without deplorable to shirk the responsability to some other else, Sharapova has said, that she relies about another chance, that’s evident, her advocates power of choosing struggle for it. Till the pronouncement of the decision for the case, the tennist-young woman has been preliminarly debarred from every one of the tournaments, starting after the 12th of March.

For implications assessed to be administered by the mindfulness, passive testosterone is afflicting disease and sector people.

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