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Hepatitis occurs for the reason that of an attack by several types of viruses that action the destruction of liver cells and animosity in humans. Hepatitis is classified into single categories, namely hepatitis class A, rank B, class C, class D, class E, class F and class G. In Indonesia, the disease is generally experienced hepatitis type B and C. But this time I pleasure only discuss hepatitis in group A, B, and C solitary.
Classification of Diseases Hepatitis1. Hepatitis A
Hepatitis symbol A Hepatitis is a disease that is tender and rarely causes death. The be circulated of hepatitis A virus is through feces or droppings, which the patient is transmitted through sustenance and beverages that have been contaminated. Not end blood or sexual activity. For illustration, foods such as fish that came from the moisten area is already contaminated with feces of patients.1. SymptomsPatients experiencing penalty such as yellow fever, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite, urinary absolute black and dizziness. Terjadipun febrile affection is a fever that is constantly happening.2. Treatment and HandlingIt is hoped that not much activity and immediately go to the nearest hale condition care facility in order to this moment get treatment.3. PreventionWash hands thoroughly in the manner that well as the injection of the recommended immunizations during the term of those of you who were on all sides the patient.2. Hepatitis B
This class Hepatitis B is an infectious complaint that is classified as hazardous. Of the hepatitis B venom attacks the liver, causing liver animosity acute and chronic. Hepatitis B clump eventually become chronic and can have ~ing liver cancer. Transmission is through the trade of body fluids or contact with the blood of other people who would be infected by hepatitis B. Patterns can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, from head to baby during labor, syringes, exercise of personal hygiene are used cheek by jowl, as well as blood transfusions.1. SymptomsFever, gold-colored in the white area of ​​the estimate, stomach ache. Patients with chronic hepatitis B who keep not visible sign of it, penularanpun becomes other risky.2. Treatment and HandlingCheck the noble extraction to make the diagnosis. Having obtained the surety, the treatment by injection and swallowed (nuncupative) do3. PreventionVaccine, especially to people who are at abstruse risk of contracting the virus.
3. Hepatitis C
The indisposition is caused by the hepatitis C venom Can be transmitted by insects that see 1 people with hepatitis C and for this reason biting someone else and blood contact. Symptoms are caused by hepatitis C sufferers at a past period even this is not clear. In of long duration hepatitis C can menyebabkankematian or impair to liver cells and detected of the same kind with liver cancer.1. SymptomsOften sufferers be under the necessity no symptoms at all. However, in that place is a vague symptoms occur so as fatigue, loss of appetite, mysterious urine becomes, abdominal pain, and hide or eyes become yellowish. Even liver enzymes low in patients with hepatitis other groups had increased, it was uniform normal fluctuation.2. Treatment and Handling
Treatment of hepatitis this rank requires quite a long time and strange to say the case in certain patient usage through (ribavirin, interferon alpha and pegylated interferon alpha) be able to not be helped.

Q.S AN-Nahl 69
          “….. From not more than their bodies a drink of contrary colors, in which there is sanative for man. Indeed, on so it was certainly a sign (the greatness of Lord) as far as concerns people who reflect”

ROY Kupinsel, MD (Maitland FLORIDA)
       Propolis being of the cl~s who natural antibiotics that can fight different diseases without SIDE EFFECTS
JOHN DIAMOND, MD (Maitland FLORIDA)Propolis is expert to activate the thymus gland that serves taken in the character of the body’s immune system

CANCER TESTS: CAPE (Caffeid ACID phenethyl ESTHER)Cancer cells efficacious in human DNA can be prevented up to 50% through Propolis 5mg, if increased to 10mg dose Propolis the growth of cancer cells be possible to be prevented

PROF. ARNOLD BecketPropolis is talented HEALING various diseases caused VIRUS, BACTERIA, and MUSHROOMS

ANTI MAGAZINE BIOTIK “VP KIVALKINA”Propolis is highly effective for the infection indefinitely expired

Dr. K. LUND AagaardBioflavonoids contained in Propolis be able to degrade free radicals caused by uncleanness, MATERIAL preservatives, and other CHEMICALS taken into the carcass. Bioflavonoids work ability is equivalent to 500 ABILITY OF CITRUS FRUIT


JOURNAL Ethno Pharmacology (CROATIA)Propolis be able to customize Immune to PREVENT BREAST CANCER

UNIVERSITY OF COLUMBIAPropolis be able to help the immune system in humans and is in like manner very effective against infections, as well since find a ZAT ANTI CANCER

Dr. PETER MANSFIELDUsing Propolis to remedy fever, and flu

How to appliance propolis for natural healing:
Propolis can be taken with a quarter potion of warm water mixed and for this reason shaken (very nice mixed with honey) to keep up the health of healthy people: 3-4 drops, 2-3 times daily at a dose and with a view to the healing of the sick: 5-10 drops, by dose 3-5 times a promised time.Here are the rules of by what mode to use Propolis in general:
*. – Average consist of of drops required to cure the disease in general is divided into 10 kg visible form weight (rounding up). For example if you weigh 65 kg, then it of necessity to be as much as 7 drops.*. If behind 3 s / d 7 days gone propolis drink your body still has not instructed a positive response, then please call up your daily dose is one globule gradually. A maximum total drop is 10 drops make objection for very severe disease that have power to be up to 15 drops.*. Propolis drink in the sight of the meal (empty stomach), by mixing drops of Propolis through a quarter cup of warm sprinkle and calender , so it will be faster propolis ~ substance and react completely absorbed in our dead ~.*. Drink plenty of water after 1-2 hours of pleasing propolis so that the process of spending the disease / toxins in your material substance can more smoothly out through animal-water. Approximately took 3 s / d 5 spectacles of water, the more the more acceptable, and drinking was also staged no other than.*. Do it consistently until the complaint cured.*. For children the dose be possible to be reduced only 1-2 drops.*. Avoid using glass / metal spoon to stir propolis on this account that it would reduce the usefulness, perfectly shaken – just shake or stir with a plastic spoon.
Getting treatment put ~ the outside in the upper corpse is to clean the outside of the material part that wants to be treated, afterwards drops Propolis and rub evenly. Wait 5-10 minutes to the time when droplets Propolis infiltrating into these body parts.Positive Reactions Use of Propolis:
Propolis has a reverse action with incredible speed. Reaction / effect of propolis by reason of certain diseases, can be felt in exactly minutes. These reactions sometimes cause miserable feeling on the body although in that place may be equal between each – either person.
In the use of propolis, the clew is consistency and never interrupted. Toxins desire be wasted itself through urination, exudation and defecation. Remarkably, when the protuberance of detoxification, substance Propolis does not mar healthy body cells. In addition, whether the excess dose will not action health problems, it’s just that the rest of the easy in mind of propolis that is not used through the body to be wasted through urination, etc. So, Propolis is very assure in its consumer, but has fearful healing power.
So you need not have ~ing surprised first when propolis is at the gravity – the beginning of the healing proposition will give a flavor which is smaller quantity convenient because the process of detoxification / charge toxins in your body, you live increase drinking water white only to speed the process of spending toxins in your visible form that, about – about you should drink 3-5 glasses of water gradually every 1-2 hours hind taking propolis.

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