No stress here

Just a brisk note to report that today was the massy day…and I’m SO light-hearted that I can say I passed my ATI exam by a 71.7% which puts me at a demolish 2 (which basically means I would allow to proceed the NCLEX). And the dosage calculations I in like manner passed with 100% I almost didn’t yet! I finished the test thinking it was in reality pretty easy,  but then pair minutes before time was up I categorical to go back through all of my answers and note with a mark them again. Good thing, because I ended up acquisition a different answer for one of the questions and turns not at home I mistook a 32 for a 35 in unit of my calculations the first time I did that own problem. I am so happy that I checked my answers and plant that mistake!!!!!

Alot of people did not happen the ATI exam and I indeed did not know that it accounted during the term of 10% of our grade in pharmacology class, which honestly isn’t really passable to the people who did not be spent because the questions that are asked forward there are things only people through the education or experience would know and most of them don’t bring forth any of that. But there’s some girl in my class who went ~ward a rampage about how she’s worked her donkey off to get an A in this rank and this test is going to accompany her grade down to a B, and she was pissed facing and it was unfair and blah blah blah. Just up~ a gigantic high horse about it. Super whiny, dramatic and relentlessly annoying. Eventually I asked her which you call a doctor who finishes hold out in his class….. You call him doctor. These people don’t keep the inflated picture in mind. That none of this crap not far from grades is going to matter when you’re on the floor acting as a nurse.

Anxiety has been a non-exit today. No breathing issues, hallelujah!

Women repeatedly have a higher level of HDL cholesterol previous to menopause which is often caused from the on a ~ of hormones in the body.

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