Pharmacology before Nursing school?

If you have taken physiology and pathophysiology, then I reason you should be fine taking it in good time. I would say you need at smallest those two classes though, because you require to understand the disease processes and in what manner the body responds to them before you be possible to understand how these medications work.

I would furthermore become familiar with some of the more basic lab values. Electrolytes, CBC, LFT, BUN/Cr, Glucose & HbA1c, and Hgb & Hct. What are they, which range should each be in, what happens if they’re too full/too low, and how do you fasten an imbalance? A lot of medications influence these lab values, and you’re going to be under the necessity to know them for nursing admonish anyway, so may as well learn the basics at once.

Although it is relatively safe throughout the early stages of pregnancy its appliance later on, and especially during the third trimester, can lead to birth defects.

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