Summer School = Complete!

Back in December I reflected in successi~ my ability to stay motivated posterior the sudden death of my uncle, in etc. to the usual stresses having a replete-time workload over the Christmas and New Year cycle. I was concerned that my grades would undergo punishment because I hadn’t been in the same proportion that focused and committed to my studies considered in the state of in previous semesters. Well… succeeding some last minute cramming sessions and emotional meltdowns, certification of grades is clean and my official results are in the same manner with follows:

Clinical Nursing Practice (1)


Inclusive Practice

I learnt two very valuable lessons last semester – the chief being that it appears that I am competent of much more than I be obliged previously given myself credit for, and secondly, effort summer school is a terrible idea and a mistake that I devise never make twice!

I am now two weeks into the new semester and I am equally excited in the manner that I am nervous as to that which lies ahead. This semester I am alluring pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, clinical nursing pursuit (2) and evidence based practice. I be seized of been assigned my clinical placement, I decision undertake 120 hours in a hospital sanatory ward with a case mix comprising of respiratory infections and inflammations, inveterate obstructive airway disease, chest pain and affections rhythm and conduction disorders.

All I have power to do is make the best of the suitable that I’ve been given and confidence that my facilitators and preceptors are in addition cooperative than my last placement and that I am talented to have an incredible learning opportunity.

I’ll set an update once I make it through to the other indirect!

These are wonderful because you put on’t must endure any exemplar of diet programs.

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