Unexpected Firsts

March 7, 2016  

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Unexpected Firsts

Sad nurse

There comes a time in some student’s education where theory begins to slowly morph into practical application.  Typically that happens surrounding junior year, but it’s every incremental process for most fields of study.  I reply ‘most’ because there are some areas where the transition happens tot~y at once.

Nursing is one of those areas.  We spend almost three years learning anatomy, pharmacology, nursing fundamentals and respectable health assessment skills.  We smooth get some hands on time with simulations involving our peers or, whether we’re lucky, weird medical mannequins.  But mannequins don’t randomly emit on your shoes, and they don’t unexpectedly collapse or swing at you at the time that you try to stand them up.  Other students are (during the term of the most part) perfectly healthy, and they bestow us the opportunity to assess cipher more than normal baseline values.  These attainments exercises present us with the most wise-case, least complicated scenarios possible.

That’s not ever how it works in the positive world.  Ever.  And that occurrence becomes quickly apparent the moment a baby nurse sets foot on a hospital bring to the ~ for the first clinical assignment.

I’m not going to tell that I was terrified last Thursday when I walked onto Med/Surg as being the first time, but I was certainly sinewy.  I was concerned that I was going to subsist completely steamrolled by an angry group of genera member.  I expected to visage situations that I didn’t know how to handle, and I entirely anticipated that my assigned nurse might get a little exasperated with me.  I hoped that he or she would be an overflowing fount of nurturing assiduity, but I knew it wasn’t greatly likely or anything.  Still, I counted up~ most of the flack to have ~ing launched from patients…not my teacher.

Spoiler alert: I was very, highly wrong.

When my clinical instructor tried to commence me to my assigned floor foster, she practically sprouted horns and growled.  She literally threw her hands up and started shouting.

“What fare you mean I have a student today?!  I’m not taking a learner.  This is ridiculous.”  She looked pointedly at me and directed her passion in my direction next.  “I can’t babysit a observer.  I’ve been a PACU foment for 18 years and I’m with reference to something else new to this floor.  I’ve solitary been here a year.  I don’t lack to do this!”

I wanted to lower into my shoes.  Am I that terrible?  Is it so unbearable to impediment me take vitals and follow her on every side?  My peers on the identical floor had been assigned to nurses with less seniority than a year in the absence of complaints.  As she shouted because the charge nurse to come through and back her up, I form in a mould myself unable to say a ~ out word.

I wanted to retort that she sourness have developed her nursing skills in utero in the room of following a preceptor like the rest of us sheer mortals.  Clearly she never needed clinical experiences, thus it’s completely understandable that she had naught empathy towards the already apprehensive and cowardly first-timer standing before her.  Normally duration up for myself isn’t each issue of mine, but this time?   I suffer her walk all over me.  We were up~ her turf, and I was the outsider in the chamber.


I ended up getting floated to Respiratory Therapy during the term of the day.  It wasn’t exactly a lose, but it wasn’t what I was in that place for either.  I got to watch RRTs behave things that I will rarely or not ever do in the hospital setting, and as long as I was thankful towards them in quest of taking on a misplaced student, it was aggravating to subsist robbed of a chance to model my skills.  Our clinical opportunities are limited.  Simulations and videos can’t re-establish the experience of actually caring toward a patient.  Nursing education is a well stocked contact sport…and I had essentially been benched.

The mature years old adage says that nurses feed their young.  I expected to effrontery it sooner or later, but I didn’t ponder it would be on day 2.  I besides never thought I would allow myself to subsist eaten so easily.

Mark my talk: it’ll never happen again.

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