April-Final Blog Post!

What a travel it has been! Reflecting back, this year has veraciously been one that I will never forget. I will be the pristine to admit, when I moved to New Orleans I was disbelieving of the city and had in ~ degree idea what I was getting myself into. I had never heard of a second line espousals parade and certainly did not perceive how to eat a crawfish. But from first to last the past ten months, I bring forth truly learned to love this incorporated town and all of the culture and tradition that comes along with it. By in a great degree and away, one of my especially liked aspects of the Masters in Pharmacology Program has been the friends I be in actual possession of made and the times I be seized of spent with my classmates. Whether we were cramming on the side of exams or catching up at The Fly, I am likewise happy that I was able to fulfil such an amazing group of populace. I am confident that I direction keep in touch with many of them because years to come!

As our exams air down, I have been spending much more time at Sci High School. In adding to preparing for their EOC condition test, they have been learning relative to the Immune System and related diseases. Coincidentally, our the ~ time Pharmacology Cell Control exam covered the Immune System similar to well. I found it very beneficial to account for and relay the information to my allow students in a way that made faculty of perception to them.  By answering their questions and explaining the content in a new way, they ultimately taught me and bettered my allow understanding of the information. Over the deportment of the year, I have erudite so much from teaching them. Their questions concerning college and graduate school leave me humbled and pleasant at the opportunity to pursue a higher breeding. I am so happy that I chose New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School to consummate my service hours and absolutely mark out on returning and keeping in tincture with both the students and teachers.

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So similar to I take my last exam and derive pleasure from my last days spent in this Crescent City, I can’t take part with but experience a bittersweet feeling. New Orleans force of ~ always hold a special place in my essence and I am so thankful that I chose Tulane to full my Masters in Pharmacology!

Volunteer Hours

Expected April Hours: 

-4 Hours New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School Classroom Time

Completed Semester Hours: 

-22 Hours New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School Classroom Time

-5.5 Hours New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School Saturday School

-2 Hours Dr. Mielke Soil Collection


Total Program Hours


A walk on every side Audubon!

I spent the whole afternoon up~ the couch (this morning at the cptr).

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