China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. Achieved Major Technological Breakthrough on Propolis and Black Ant Capsule

Harbin, China–(Newsfile Corp. – April 4, 2016) – China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CHHE) (“China Health Industries” or “company”) today announced that the partnership has achieved a major technological breakthrough up~ the body its original product: Propolis and Black Ant Capsule.

China Health Industries owns see preprinter intellectual property rights of Propolis and Black Ant Capsule (“the product”), what one. is designed to adjust human immunes system. It has been approved by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) steer in production for years. The ingredients of the result — Propolis, Black Ant, Acanthopanax and Radix Astragali are originally from Heilongjiang Province, China. Located at 45 degrees boreal latitude area ensures that all the ingredients from Heilongjiang Province hold good high level of effective constituent. The traditional methods of extraction are not excepting that wasteful of ingredients, but also external appearance inability of extraction some of the ~ part. Therefore, research groups of China Health Industries pass the last two years developing and at last made super-concentrated Propolis and Black Ant Capsule ~ dint of. technology of supercritical extraction and nanotechnology, through assist of using small molecule irrigate.

CEO of China Health Industries, Mr. Xin Sun commented:” Healthcare is a based on competition market, and the whole industry relies on escalation of technical and drug efficiency to propel forward. Our new extraction technology and using of illiberal molecule water could enhance the absorbing. of several enzymes from Propolis, amino sharp and trace element from Black Ants, Isofraxidin and Astragaloside for human bodies, which essentially improve the vigor of drug. ” Mr. Sun is real excited to say that “Our researchers conducted pharmacology and pharmacokinetics experiments, and the results divulge that the daily dosage of our reinvigorated super-concentrated product could be reduced from three general condition of affairs a day, two capsules at a time to formerly and one capsule a day. The extreme absorbing efficiency of this super-concentrated crops improved the bioavailability of it, thus improved the pharmacological efficacy. ” According to Mr. Sun’s appraisement, the super-concentrated product will have existence put into the market by the maintainer half of May, 2016. Mr. Sun believes that this modern super-concentrated product will boost return of company.

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China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. ( produces, markets and distributes tyrannical-quality medicines, health products, health devices and cosmetics. The Company routinely posts of great weight information on its website.

CHHE owns GMP-certified put in seed and facilities and manufactures 21 CFDA-approved medicines and 14 CFDA-approved health supplement products in soft capsule, unpalatable capsule, tablet, granule and oral flowing forms. These products address key greater markets, including women’s products, geriatric products, children’s products and other very necessary market sectors.

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Mr. Xin Sun
Chairman & CEO
China Health Industries Holdings, Inc.
Tel: 86-451-88100688

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