CLEAR and GroGlo Establish First UK Clinical Trials on Cannabis for Chronic Pain.

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CLEAR has formed a connection with the research arm of GroGlo, a UK-based manufacturer of admirable power, LED, horticultural grow lighting.

The delineation is to grow cannabis under a Home Office licence for the product of cannabis oil, both as a dietary counterpart and for the development of of the healing art products.  To begin with, a servile-THC crop of industrial hemp elect be planted.  We will subsist using the finola strain, originally developed in Finland and known concerning its short stature and early flowering.  Unlike hemp grown conducive to fibre, finola is usually grown during the term of seed and only reaches a elevation of 160 – 180 cm except we will be removing male plants in front of they produce pollen and cultivating the fertile plants to produce the maximum yield of oil from their flowering tops.

Finola Industrial Hemp

Finola Industrial Hemp

The abject-THC oil will be marketed taken in the character of a dietary supplement , commonly known in the same proportion that CBD oil.  There is even now a burgeoning market in the UK as being CBD products, all of which is publicly imported from Europe or the USA.  In the USA, the CBD products emporium was said to be worth $85 a thousand thousand in 2015 so there is gigantic potential here at home. Aside from the benefit of being UK grown and processed, we go before achieving a CBD concentration of approximately 40%, which is higher than ut~ products already on the market.

Cultivation force of ~ be in glasshouses supplemented with LED lighting.  GroGlo even now has an established glasshouse facility in the east of England.  Initial trials power of choosing experiment with adjusting the LED technology to covenant a changing blend of light wavelengths at variant stages of plant growth.  This is GroGlo’s realm of expertise -combining LED lighting and vegetable sciences, including existing relationships through some of Europe’s top universities including Plymouth, Greenwich and Valencia. Professor Mick Fuller, GroGlo’s adviser of plant science, will lead this exploration and development process.

Professor Mick Fuller

Professor Mick Fuller

During the R&D aspect, CO2 extraction of oil will subsist carried out under laboratory conditions at universities in York and Nottingham what one. already have extensive experience of the operation. Each crop will be measured for yield, cannabinoid and terpene satisfaction using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC).  Safety testing direction also look for the presence of weighty metals and other contaminants.  The results of testing devise be fed back into cultivation and descent processes to maximise yield and disposition.

It is anticipated that the pristine batches of low-THC oil command be ready for market in six months.  We are before that time in discussions with potential distributors and wholesalers. The CBD place of traffic in the UK is ripe towards an effective marketing campaign which could model a very substantial business for whoever gets it up~.

Once we are successfully achieving our product goals with low-THC cannabis, the same testing and progression in a continuously ascending gradation process will begin with high-THC varieties of cannabis.  The intention will be to produce a pass over of oils extracted from single strains, selectively bred and stabilised because different THC:CBD ratios.

Professor Fuller says that GroGlo lighting products “are in exercise worldwide to grow a range of crops, only some 60% of sales currently get to from overseas users growing cannabis beneficial to legitimate medical use.”  He explains that there is an emerging market for totality sorts of nutritional and medicinal put in the ground products but cannabis shows particular engagement. GW Pharmaceuticals is the only UK group to enter this market and it has adorn a world leader, despite the current restrictive legislation.  He says:  “Together through CLEAR we believe we can aid bring a range of safe, elevated quality UK-produced cannabis products to mart within a matter of two to three years.”

A key issue in the development of a lucky medicinal cannabis product is the process of delivery.  Smoking is not an acceptable solution as inhaling the products of burning is an unhealthy practice but person of the great benefits of cannabis used viewed like medicine is very accurate self-titration.  That is the effects of inhaled cannabis are felt nearly instantly and so the patient knows whenever they have taken enough or when they need more to achieve the required analgesic event.

The oral mucosal spray developed in quest of Sativex is unpopular with patients, ~ persons complain of mouth sores from its conversion to an act and it was developed at in the smallest degree as much with the objective of deterring ‘recreational’ appliance of the product as with delivering the remedy effectively. It strangles the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis oil of what one. Sativex is composed in order to comply with the concerns of the medicines regulators not far from ‘diversion’ of the product into which they would term ‘misuse’.  Absorption of the oil is quicker end the mucous membranes of the internal of the mouth than through the gastrointestinal plan but, inevitably, some of the oil is swallowed and the pharmacology of cannabis then processed through the gut and the liver is highly different.

We believe the best option is a vapouriser device and our design is to source a ‘vape pen’ of fit quality to operate within clinical standards of agreement and safety.  Vapourising cannabis oil avoids inhaling the products of consuming but still enables accurate self-titration of drench.  A vape pen would bargain a handy, convenient and very adequate method of consuming medicinal cannabis.  However, aside from the technology itself, first research shows that vapour is greater quantity effectively produced when the oil is blended by either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG).  Establishing the true ratio of VG or PG to the oil is one more important task.

We anticipate that clinical trials because of the use of cannabis oil in treating deep-seated pain could start within two years.  We be in need of to compare different oils, ranging from richly-CBD to equal ratios of THC:CBD and great-THC content. Prior to that we esteem to overcome the challenges of patronage, oil extraction, vapouriser development and gather the necessary research team and money-making ethical approval for the trials.  Recruitment beneficial to the trials will start in respecting 18 months time.  If you wish to subsist considered please email ‘’ with brief details of your situation (no more than 100 words). Do not rely upon to hear anything for at smallest 12 months but your details resolution be passed to the research team in the same manner with a potential candidate.

Mike Harlington, Managing Director of GroGlo

Mike Harlington, Managing Director of GroGlo

CLEAR is promoting this venture truly because someone needs to do matter to make this happen. For completely the campaigning and lobbying of MPs and ministers, at the end of the day, the plants get to be grown and the variegated legislative hoops have to be jumped through. We cannot wait any longer for a native change in the law. We accept to progress through the government’s regulatory regime if we want to bring real curative benfit to patients.

This opportunity arises for of the vision of GroGlo’s intriguing director, Mike Harlington and the team of experts he has built encircling him.  There is huge want for legitimate medicinal cannabis products in the UK that is only going to increase through the inevitable progress towards law emend and increasing awareness of the benefits of cannabis. Together, CLEAR and GroGlo are bringing the excellent hope that medicinal cannabis offers closer to realty than ever before.

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