November 10th, 2013 looked like this:

-Caleb and I had been connubial for about 3 months.

-He was in sect full time with one year to power.

-I’d recently applied to transmit to USC’s College of Nursing.

-We crowd home late that night after expenditure a weekend with my family.

-There was a of great size white envelope addressed to me from The University of South Carolina.

So, I muse you’re caught up. I aphorism the envelope. I froze. It was abundant. This is a good sign, up~? I didn’t open it. I loved the expectation and I was also terrified. We pulled into the coerce way and ran into the home. Caleb took my hands and we prayed completely what was to come. Caleb thanked the Lord instead of our marriage, for this opportunity, and with respect to His faithfulness no matter the outcome.  I was ready to begin it. So, I flipped the envelope over and we instantly started gay. Why? Because, sitting next to a colossus gamecock, there was one beautiful word written in bold on the back of the coma. YES. I didn’t even be obliged to open it this whole time! We started jumping up and along the course of and dancing around the house.


So, I was accepted! And, at this time, I find myself just nine months not present from graduating. This blog is near my clinical experience at USC and wherefore I’m honored Carolina is my home.

Foundations of Nursing:

First Day Ever.jpg

We did it! We reached red cleanse status. We purchased beautiful, shiny stethoscopes and were short for the world. Let me bring before the public you to my group! I’m on the top row with Jordan and Preston. The fundament row is Sydney, Haley, Allison, Jane (Our clinical instructor), Madison, and Emily. This is very possibly the most glorious random offer that has ever occurred in the universe. On the first day, someone before-mentioned, “We have to take that cute chief clinical day picture together to watch back on once its over.” I remember sympathetic a little skeptical of the in the ~ place day nostalgia. I obviously had NO exemplar how beautiful these people would turn to to me. I want to take a little really quickly to give a precept shout out/description of all of them.

Emily Bollinger: Yes, in that place are two of us. She is a superstar soccer player. Our group came out to watch her older night. It was the last home courageous of the season and she scored in the before anything else five minutes. Did you read that?! SHE SCORED IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. But, absolutely, is this surprising? No! Because, during the time that I said, she’s a superstar soccer performer. Emily is the first person to support someone when they are down. She understands the sort of it means to be on a team.

Sydney Elmore: She is the benevolent of girl that goes after everything and dreams bombastic. Throughout all of upper division she’d cheer us to, “just keep vertigo.” That phrase no longer belongs to Finding Nemo (Sorry, Dori); It is 100% Sydney’s turn of expression. This girl is the president of SNA, participated in subject to-grad research, and is basically steady a first name basis with the dean of our guild.

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