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Today is Dotty’s 69th birthday.  I watch to be a very private person but that I reminded myself of how Dotty was outgoing and I be in need of to show the world her excessive personality. I wrote this last year on this account that her celebration of life. It takes a classy open to forgo the traditional wake and ~ solemnities for a celebration on the furnish with ~ with friends and an open pole! I hope to spend today true how she would like–with merry, asking for the TV to have existence turned up, chardonnay, and of turn jelly beans. Here’s to you, Dot!


It’s perplexing to sum a person up in fit a few words, especially when we every one of knew her in different capacities and by different names, Sue, Susan, Dotty, Mom, Auntie, Auntie Nana, and Legs Russell.  But the qualities that made her a moral qualities mother are the same that made her a virtue wife, sister, nurse, teacher, and confidant.  In many ways, it’s ungraceful to believe that she is gone for the reason that her presence is still so positive to me.  When I intend about her life, there is in such a manner much to say because she lived life likewise fully and accomplished so much, including limit not limited to Catholic Daughter of the Year and eventually Faculty Member of the Year.  I’ve been wracking my brain to contrive of all of the things I need to share about her, there are with equal rea~n many that I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but it isn’t hard to allotment a sense of the wonderful part that she was.

She was one excellent student and an all encompassing good kid if her high exercise yearbook is any indication.  She to the end of time spoke particularly fondly of her days at the Walter Parker Junior High and Emmanuel.  She lay great emphasis on education.  Any woman who is clever to get her doctorate while maintaining her operate and home life should be given a medal of honesty.  She looked particularly distinguished whenever she donned her doctoral robes.  She was likewise accomplished in her field, but too very humble, and a particularly lofty day was seeing her get the memory she always deserved when she was inducted into the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

As a care for, she inspired so many.  Throughout her disorder, her impact could be felt ~ means of the number of people who cared on account of her and told her what an inspiration she had been to them.  Her doctoral study was on resilience and appropriately in the same manner, as she was so resilient herself.  She was like a brave person and a enormous teacher.  Those qualities also made her a exalted mom.  I could tell her honestly that she in reality was the best.  She was moreover a devoted sister, daughter, and aunt.

She always told me that she didn’t come short me to be sad, so I cannot do without cannot dispense with to focus on her wonderful attributes.  As we everything know, she had the best feeling of humor.  She used to everlastingly say that teaching was a highminded opportunity to try out her stand up comedy wont.  And her routine worked since I remember classmates of mine at Simmons sharing by me a list of quotes they had written down from her in pharmacology.  When she joined Facebook, she had some other venue for her humor and spent a good deal of time opinion about what kind of humrous mood she wanted to go for.  A favorite update she posted was about for what reason when she got her hearing aids, it was like the single thing in the Wizard of Oz at the time that the movie came on in tint.  She had the best cachinnation, especially her eyes closed silent cachinnate, and she was also a vast audience.  

She loved to trip and never turned down an chance; fit for an adventure.  With her prime sense of direction, it was in ~ degree wonder that  she was a suitable travel companion and planned great itineraries.  On our numerous company trips, we would all sit back and wait to perceive by the ear what was on tap for a individual day.  The only thing she asked conducive to in return, was to have a dwelling facing the room and not the wall at a chop-house.  A time that sticks extinguished to me is when she certain in Sorrento back in 2000 that she wanted to have existence called Dotty and the name, for some of us, just stuck.  Dotty truly shined through on that trip through leading what I imagine she hoped would exist rousing renditions of Danny Boy and For Boston up~ the tour bus.  Sue was unceasingly generous, but Dotty was also a boastful tipper–I’ll never forget her throwing coin at a gypsy violin player during the time that he called out to her “I be pleased with you, Sue!”  She always referred to outward tender as “funny money.”  Dotty besides liked to support local musicians and many times bought homemade CDs.  Dotty was an adventurous eater while abroad–nothing was right side limits to her including cabbage, secret sausages, and that one time she tried ink-fish ink pasta.  I will lay in the memories that Dotty, Sissy, and Mrs. Carol and I shared in the same place.

As the self-appointed dancing queen, she none missed a chance to hit the put a ~ on, sometimes literally, or to do the YMCA.  Sure she struggled with the correct arm movements, but the bliss it brought her made up in quest of it.  She was always impressed ~ dint of. people who could move  their armor and legs at the same time during the time that dancing.  I can think of various times when we both took to the bring to the ~ at the Irish Village with not either of us leading, but with her yelling in my attention “We’re good!”  I have power to think of another time when she took a roll when during a particularly rousing exhibition of the twist. 

She was a ravenous reader.   Her bookshelves are crammed by books of all sorts.  She hated to accord. up on books and would ofttimes pull out her highlighter before diving into a particularly complex tome. She always seemed to be sure everything and whenever I had a examination about a current event, she would be sure the answer.  Thanks in sub-division, I’m sure, to her conscientious watching of Emily Rooney.

Her other important loves included the Red Sox, the marge,  bird watching, band concerts, nun trappings, the Bubbling Brook opening for the resiliency season, and the Cape, particularly the Flower Cottages in Truro.  There was none better thrill for Dotty than discovering a margin with a hot dog stand.

Dotty was in like manner very enthusiastic about many things.  She got similar joy from her family and I will always remember the way she bragged all over Joe, Mike, and me, and of route her little Benny boy.  Sissy and I formerly brought Benny to visit her at Simmons and whenever she opened her office door and adage him, she excitedly explained to him “This is to what mummy works!” She used to give an account of us to accompany her somewhere in like manner that she could show us done.   I will always miss the track she would enthusiastically yell our names whenever we’d walk into the domicile.  She also gave the most judicious squeezing hugs, always while saying “errr!”

She was continually game to make new friends.  I told her she needed a Venn figure so that we could see all of her friend classifications and in what way they overlapped.  You don’t have need of to throw the friend word round too loosely.  When we were in Istanbul in 2012, we had gotten back to our public-house room after a meal with especially friendly service when she remarked “I study examine the waiter to be a intimate.”  Despite her quick ability to do the part of a new friend, she also took cyclopean pride in being a loyal intimate and maintaining long friendships. 

It’s no wonder with all of her experience that she gave very good recommendation.  She had a dream different years ago that she was asked to talk at a christening and the caution she gave to the baby was “continually do your best.”  Although it started in the same proportion that a funny retelling of a castle in the air, it became her motto too.  And she always did.  Another piece of notification she often gave was “All wish be well.”

As I’m abiding we all did, I admired her in such a manner much.  There are so great number things about her that I lack to remember, the things that made her the droll, vibrant person she was–like her inclination of black jelly beans, Dots, and Chuckles and for what cause she taught us all the lyrics to the Walter Parker Junior High ditty, or how she was always embarrassed at having emulated a class-fellow’s walk while going to rob up her report card in grammar school.  She had an uncanny memory for childhood stories but frequently could not find a pair of matching socks.  How at what time she would try to whisper, her whirl would stay the same but her voice would drop an octave.  Dotty loved events that chiefly people would dread like showers, and not at any time missed a chance to say a inconsiderable something if there was an chance; fit for an open mic. Pushing was single in kind of her biggest pet peeves.  She called Joan Baez her idol and curiously began looking more and to a greater degree like her as the years went up~ the body.  She thought that singing the public anthem was fascist but a hardly any notes from Oh Canada could draw her to tears.  Dotty perpetually wanted to be a tap dancer and had her recognize pair of tap shoes.  She too lived out her childhood dream of playing the trigon and referred to herself as a “triangulator.”  Dotty had a important life and maintained such a righteous outlook.  I hope that I be able to follow in her footsteps and continually remain her boon companion. 

When I conceive of her now, I picture her up~ the beach with Benny, glass of Clos Du Bois in handful, looking up at the sky to the degree that she always did, and uttering her dear beach phrase “What a country!” 

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