E165: Apocalypse Survival Training with Sam Coffman

In this incidental event we sit down with Sam Coffman, moulder of The Human path. We’re going to canvass going beyond first aid, his survival reprove, and herbal medicine without the fudge.

Sam is known for running single of the most respected survival, conjuncture wilderness medicine, and herbal medicine schools in the home. But he’s definately not that which you’d expect from someone involved through herbal medicine. He’s a no nonsense straight shooting kind of scarecrow who lays it all out despite us today.

Topcs Discussed:

Who is Sam Coffman and in what way did he get into herbal remedy?

What is he trying to achieve with his survival school the human path?

How do martial arts and healing art coexist and intertwine

Are there starch schools for herbal medicine?

What is the real history of the medical and pharmacology?

How did herbalism demise into woowoo silliness for a call over of years?

What is alopathy?

Does herbal medicine actually work and in what instances?

When is conventional medcine the honest choice over herbal medicine?

What is the free from error perspective in which to understand herbal medicine?

What’s the difference between ditch medicine, wilderness emergency medicine, and herbal medicine?

In a grid down location, how much can actually be consummate medically speaking with herbal medicine?

Going over first aid, where should preppers discover getting trained in emergency medicine and pertaining medicine?

The Human Path goes progress beyond medicine. What other survival catamenia are taught?

What are the three chiefly important things preppers need to converging-point on when it comes to necessity medicine?

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