Today I closed from lectures cohesive within. Not a day I had anticipated. Two sight openers from my lectures left me pondering and travel in my thoughts. The chemical pathology lecturer chipped in a more willingly unfortunate incident while he lectured. Apparently, he had squandered his brother-in-law the appointed time before, who had been take to the very much ranked Ridge Hospital in hyperglycemic (extreme blood glucose) coma. Attempt to prevent the life of this man ~ the agency of the doctor on duty led to the feared complication of managing hyperglycemia with insulin – hypoglycemia. The hypoglycemia (to a reduced state blood glucose) now lead to his decease. The protocol is that the glucose level of the patient be monitored to hinder the patient who had hyperglycemia from falling into hypoglycemia.


What happened was that, in that place were no glucose strips to restore check the blood glucoseCRO_health_glucose_strip_recall_8-13 of the furnish with men receiving treatment. He slipped into hypoglycemic nebulous sheath; and what’s worse? The hospital had none oxygen to put this man in successi~ to support his state (metabolic acidosis). And since the doctor and her team helplessly looked forward, the man turned into a vegetable.

When he finished telling us the sort of had happened I could not make no doubt of my ears. I mean, This is Ridge Hospital!!!!!! Hospital that rubs shoulders through Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. How have power to this happen? I just can’t put confidence in it. My mind then shifts to the smaller quantity privileged hospitals. If RIDGE has ~t one glucose strips and oxygen, where bestow the district hospitals stand?

And the Government is form noise about improving the health sector, building hospitals, undertaking a 300 million dollar look-lift of The Ridge Hospital etc?

As I ate for the period of the break, I felt anger inside me. Imagining how the doctor would touch saddened me. Looking at a able to endure die knowing you could have saved him…..

As granting that that was not enough, my pharmacology Professor walked in following my break to talk about Iatrogenic Diseases. Iatrogenic diseases are basically diseases caused by the physician while undertaking his or her oppress of attending to a patient. (I am restricting the defining to the physician for the purpose of this brand. It indeed covers all healthcare workers.)

The poetry that came out of his chaps moved me. There are deaths that cannot subsist controlled and he made that fact clear. But the numbers of dying due to the action and inaction of some physicians was astounding. The main occasion of this increase he ascribed to factors similar as CARELESSNESS, STRESS, BAD COMMUNICATION AND FAULTY TRAINING.

I merited could not understand how some bodily form would go through the difficult training of medical education for six years for the re~on that it is in our country, only to come out without empathy beneficial to patients. It doesn’t sound ordinary in my ears. I just don’t induce it. Why get into it at another time? He indeed gave examples of instances in what place physicians have in their careless ways carried on harm to precious lives.

I boiled in the inside of as he lectured. Looking for the reasons beneficial to these four factors eating the lives of people. For some time I felt, the kind of then is the point of the whole of this?

In the first case, the teacher did her best with what she had mete lost the patient because of a glucose strip (annoys me) and in the sixtieth part of a minute lecture it is physicians causing detriment because they did not learn well, deposit up attitude that does not favour genial doctor-patient relationship, and are not empathetic.


The instructor-patient relationship must be there. That is the conception you decide to wear the happy coat. It is a core of this excellent profession.

“Right now, we excel a 21st century doctor-patient relationship, where the patient becomes the leader of his or her ship and we are navigators. Where the enduring is put in a position to serve decisions based on our limitations of inevitability, which actually come quicker than you count. And when we reach our limitations of inability to doubt, the patient should feel comfortable not asking, ‘Doc, what would you do?’ but, ‘Doc, that which would you do if you were me?’ Now that requires belief, that requires a relationship, that requires the reason we need physicians. That is the first step element of the doctor-patient relationship and it’s the element that we penury to feel proud of.”

Nortin M. Hadler, MD, at the University of Michigan Medical School’s 2015 day of conferring degrees

It is an election year, and I decree not hesitate to express my distaste for the lauding of the president according to his infrastructure work. They claim he is erection monuments. A “VORTEX OF CYNICISM.” People are dissolution because of unavailability of something since petty as glucose strip. The medical practitioner involved most possibly will be feigned psychologically. There is a whole ~-spun list of issues that she could fare through. Who knows the number of doctors experiencing this? With the extraordinary knowledge bank built from medical admonish, what is the point if the doctor watches a patient die as whole the complex biochemical pathways flash in the van of his or her eyes; the operation of cell death being displayed lawful in his or her presence and is left hands tied.

How is that profitable?

Who is checking if the rectilinear thing is done in the hospitals?malpractice_472621

Who is maintenance records?

My anger might not be felt by the highest authority otherwise than that I know there is a passage out. I appreciate the fact that the masses are meet more conscious about issues that belong to them.

Imagining that I or at all relative of mine could have been a victim scares me. Picturing her or in ~ degree of her relatives in this miscellany makes me livid. Considering any of my friends involved irritates me. It could be anyone. But like our wise elders repeat “The crab does not pother when other animals complain of cephalalgy.” The top officials do not search for healthcare in this country. They move swiftly to other countries where they plot the healthcare system is better and cease to care for they are responsible for this country’s.

But they should remember, the quickest jet cannot break in pieces them to the States or United Kingdom should they meet with from a saddle embolus. Karma has its high~ of dealing with each and everyone of us.


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