Intercalation year


Long time nay speak as per! This junior doctor contract malarky led me back to the Blog-province reading Doctor’s opinions, and I conceit it was about time I revisited this primitive place. I still get weekly emails from GCSE students asking me with reference to their grades, but sadly my friends, and on a level my friends siblings, are far from GCSE vale of years and I honestly don’t perceive what the situation is at the point of time.

I have heard applications for healing art are down by 18%, so possibly this is the best time to lay upon!

I have taken a year away of clinical medicine to intercalate this year, and I’m certainly glad I did. I chose a grade that was 50% research based (I missed science a little bit) and I be conscious of being like I’ve learnt a destiny of invaluable skills, not to cursory reference possibly getting a publication out of it (fingers crossed).
Even unsophisticated things such as genuinely being adroit to critically analyse papers, write abstracts, and work out statistical tests haven’t really been covered in my rank thus far, but are obviously in fact important for being a ‘doctor and a scientist’ and I be excited like it will serve me well in my procedure.

Additionally, having actual free time has been a God-jaculate. On clinical placement you’re (supposed to have existence) on the wards 9 – 5pm, and in consequence have a huge amount of SDL to act . This can be very draining, to the design where it feels like placement is a diminish of time because you know the high hill of conditions and drugs you desire waiting at home to be learnt. Evenings, weekends and holidays are readily eaten up by all the things you could and should be learning. The medic type ‘A’ individuality is no help here; things quick become slightly competitive and stressful, and near the front of you know it you’re memorising the waves of the JVP on this account that someone mentioned it once came up in the OSCE 6 years since.
Intercalating has allowed me to get a job, be on two fellowship committees, volunteer and still have time to take evenings and weekends facing work. I’ve been on three holidays in 2016 alone, and it’s fair-minded been fab. Having afternoons off and dedicated lab time, through work loads that actually reflect 10/20 credit modules (in place of the ridiculous 100+ lectures towards 20 credit modules we got in years 1 and 2) makes a cyclopean difference, allowing you to actually learn and digest the essential, instead of desperately cramming it.

I would in reality recommend it if you have the fiscal means/ interest in doing so. The manhood of my friends who’ve intercalated are joyful they’ve done so, and I be conscious of being like it’s boosted my boldness now that I have a greater enlightenment in pharmacology, physiology etc.

So if you’re thinking about it, investigation it and go for it! And don’t worry too much about Student Finance etc.. Even by my year of Biomed before starting Medicine I ~-house got a loan.

Goodbye for at once, once my clinical placements start up once more I am hoping to blog in greater numbers regularly – and thank you to tot~y the Doctors out there protesting, during the time that a medical student whom this shorten will greatly affect, I am vastly grateful.

Also a little disclaimer: I am very ready to get back to clinical healing art now. Whilst I have loved having open time and getting back to my according to principles roots, staring down a microscope has limits to it’s benefit, and I have definitely missed placement and every one of the highs and lows it has to dare. 

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