Journal Entry 78

I be seized of been convicted by the Holy Spirit not long ago that I was focusing more attached my failures, and getting to caught up in it than reasoning about Jesus, and His righteousness. As a nursing learner, I have been conditioned to constantly assess the million, including myself for certain reasons. We typically appearance for the symptoms of a ailing not the strengths of the lenient. Of course, there is a dispose to think about the patient’s strengths in method to encourage them. However, Abraham Maslow, a humanistic psychologist, believes that the pertaining to physics body comes before the psychological of necessity. Therefore, I have spent almost couple years looking at the flaws of the human material substance along with their mental and moral health, and try to treat or manage the symptoms. The doctors and physicians converging-point more on curing the disease and acquisition to the root issue. Though there are many benefits of being a fondle and having the opportunity to study pathophysiology and pharmacology, there are some bad consequences if I am not concerned.

I never felt so spiritually inconclusive before as a Christian. What I parsimonious is it appears that I am not seldom going backwards in my walk. I be under the necessity even pitied myself, and wasted plenteous time doing so. It seems harder conducive to me to delight in God’s acquittal when I commit the same sins from one side to the other and over again.

I still think to be true that Christ can sympathize because He before that time faced every possible temptation and at the same time remain without sin.

Many such hormonal changes occur for the period of pregnancy, changes that may influence a woman’s chances of developing heart cancer later in life.

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