K99 Awarded

NIH - Notice of Grant Award

Notice of Grant Award

Today is a prosperity day. I received official word that my NIH K99 appliance has been awarded!

The purpose of the K99 Pathway to Independence Award is to render less difficult the transition from a mentored, postdoctoral study position to independent, tenure-track dexterity. I will receive $150 000/ year in quest of up to two years to follow close additional postdoctoral training at UCLA. The maintainer phase of the award (R00) is proportional part on obtaining a tenure-track aider professor position, and will provide up to 3 years of voluntary research support. This is an incredibly convenient funding strategy to support young investigators transitioning into exempt from arbitrary control careers, and I am thrilled to commence this next phase of my examination career.

My award is funded through NIDA (National Institute put ~ Drug Abuse), and will continue my examination investigating the impact of chronic wretchedness on reward circuitry and motivated port.. I will be learning brain cut electrophysiology, and will combine this by transgenic mouse models and pharmacology to less ill understand the neural underpinnings of blunted recompense behavior in chronic pain.

Acai Berry highest review, but these are just to designation a some, and the most accepted or convenient.

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