March Madness turns to March Gladness

I believe it has to be said: the theme of this month was EXAMS.  Nothing like tests to influence our glucocorticoids working! From a knot of regularly scheduled exams to the at any time-looming shelf exam, this has definitely been each engaging month. It was enlightening to care for how an NBME exam is structured and operates. I am beholden to the fact that all of our tests bring forth been online and in a uniform format to that of standardized tests like the MCAT and those I bequeath be taking in the future during the time that a medical student and beyond. There is definitely some implicit learning involved with takin

Bowling Night lightens the air
after a week of tests.

g multiple select tests digitally.

Our class was in addition not the only group experiencing more intense testing. Many of my students accept been preparing for the fourth rate of ascent LEAP test. One of them precisely broke down in class because he took the preparatory step test with the rest of the gradient and did not do well forward it, and I could tell more of the rest of the rank was a little down as well. I took a influence by ~s at an example test, and I could imagine such an exam would be daunting to a fourth grader for example it is full of plenty of figures and graphs. There is so much pressure on the students to perform well on this exam because of the sum total of sensible objects of the Louisiana school system, whither standardized performance directs funding allocation. All in whole, it is controversial at best.

At least, with this month, the arrival of the principal day of spring and fresh rains are reviving reminders of new life, new goals, and commencing drive. As the Pharmacology Master’s program begins to cessation its chapters, I begin to anticipate forward to new opportunities.

This does not in earnest require that you remodel collected from one of individual to a different single in kind, it just takes that you disgrace stress level.

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