March Madness!


So March was a employ, busy month…between teaching an MCAT class, working every spare hour at Naaz, and studying according to the NBME exam I don’t conceive I had a minute to myself! However, April is shaping up to have ~ing quite the opposite…and I have power to’t say that I’m upset not far from it! But back to March. We took the NBME- Pharmacology exam earlier this month, and I’m actually happy that we did. It allowed me to revisit aggregate of the interesting topics that we esteem studied in Med Pharm since we earliest began classes in July (aside: have power to it really be true that 9+ months wish passed since we started?! Wow). I felt like the trial brought this program full-circle. When I looked at the Pharmwiki (a many blessings upon you for that, Dr. Clarkson), I dictum the topics from last semester, further it also allowed me to abjure the memories that occurred during those blocks.

For case in point, re-learning the Basic Principles of Pharm reminded me of in what condition July and August weekends were worn out getting to know my fellow classmates. I had ~t any clue who they were, where they came from, or any part of their histories. And at that time I’m proud to say that I have had the honor of learning other thing about each and every one of my classmates ago those first few weeks.

March furthermore brought, along with the Ides, the NCAA Championships. Sadly, my bracket was crushed at the time Michigan State bit the dust, but that the real nail in the burial chest came when Kansas lost. Oh well, I be disposed probably have more time next year to operate on my bracket since I won’t exist studying for shelf!

Service Learning Hours: 
January: 6
February: 9
March: 10

Total: 25

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