Marching Along

March was very a month! Only one more exam remainder with a smattering of lectures earlier to the conclusion of the program in slow April.

The NBME exam has advance and gone. I put in a firm two weeks of reviewing in arrangement for the exam. While the experiment was challenging, I thought it was a pretty good measure of the content we skilled over the past 9 months. I ended up performing excessively well on the exam. I at that time feel confident in my ability to touch the academic rigors of medical academy, and I believe my score reflects that in the manner that well.

We were tasked by Dr. Mielke to advance into the NOLA community and accumulate soil samples to be measured concerning lead levels. The goal was to discover areas where children might touch the daub with their hands and then directly transfer the contents to their mouths. I waste a lot of time running in New Orleans City Park, and own seen many children playing there. I went by two other students to collect tarnish samples near several soccer fields. I object of trust the lead levels are not significantly to multuous, but if they are, I’m gratifying I was involved in collecting samples in like manner that the data might be made publicly to be availed of.

I’ve continued volunteering at SciHigh and St. Anna’s. I’ve been tracking my successful teaching approaches with the hope of translating it into a control for next years Pharmacology class. I trust that they take it upon themselves to present at SciHigh.  St. Anna’s continues to exist a great learning opportunity involving health outreach and health education in the NOLA community.

Now that I have so abundant more free time, I’m hoping to waste more time working in Dr. Katakam’s lab, enjoy the nice NOLA weather, and keen my application for the next circle of time.

It’s somewhat bittersweet to be assured of the program is coming to one end, but I’m ready despite the next set of challenges that await me.

Volunteer Summary:
Soil Samples: 2 hours
St. Anna’s Clinic: 4 hours
Sci High: 4 hours
March Total: 10 hours

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