Month 7- March 2016

All executed with medpharm and principles! We took the NBME shelf exam a few weeks ago, what one. was essentially a final exam ~ward all of the drugs we’ve skilled about this year. It was gracious of fun working through some notice critically books in preparation for it, it was a punctilious reminder of how much material we’ve well-informed, and how much has been retained. The go will definitely be slowed down a atom for this last month, just common more cell control exam and a few in class presentations. I’m filling this newfound enfranchise time with MCAT prep for my scheduled criterion in May. It has been a great quantity easier tackling the biology section later the work we’ve put in towards large knowledge pharm.

A bit of advice to family considering the pharmacology masters degree—acquisition of knowledge this material is essentially learning applied science of life. I remember being somewhat apprehensive around doing a degree in pharmacology since I thought the focus might subsist too narrow to have much relevance towards my goal of going to med school, but that couldn’t have been more distant from the truth.

I’ve been operating on getting a new volunteer intend, but the background check and paperwork phase is taking much longer than anticipated. I’m truly hoping it’ll go through and I’ll exist able to get some hours in for the time of April and May. More on that nearest month, hopefully…

Until next time,

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March offer hours: 1

Spring Semester volunteer hours: 8

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