N- SCH ARCHIEV Authore Guidelines


granted at the time that submitting their papers% Any material current without such evidence will be assumed to be the author of from the authors%

Online Submission

Please follow the hyperlink 8!ubmit online9 in successi~ the right and upload all of your manuscript #les following the instructions given attached the screen%

Title page

Title Page

 &he designation page should include:

 &he name6s7 of the author6s7

A succinct and informative title

 &he aliation6s7 and address6es7 of the author6s7

 &he epost address, telephone and fa* numbers of the answering. author


Please provide a structured isolated of ;<= to ><= war of ~ which should be divided into the following sections:

Purpose 6stating the force purposes and research 4uestion7





Please take measures ? to @ keywords which can be used for inde*ing purposes%


Text Formatting

1anuscripts should subsist submitted in Word%

se a vertical, plain font 6e%g%, ;=flash of wit &imes $oman7 for te*t%

se italic letters for emphasis%

se the automatic page numbering function to number the pages%

‘o not employment #eld functions%

se tab stops or other commands concerning indents, not the space bar%

se the condensed statement function, not spreadsheets, to make tables%

se the e4uation editor or 1ath&ype for e4uations%

!ave your #le in doc* format 6Word >==B or higher7 or doc format 6older Word versions7%1anuscripts by mathematical content can also be submitted in a&eD%

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