Need to bring Research back into focus in Indian Medical Schools

According to diary Current Medicine Research and Practice, 162 of the healing art colleges registered under the Medical Council of India (MCI) and 170 below the National Board of Examination (NBE) accept not contributed at all towards exploration in medical science.  A gross amount of 332 medical colleges in India own not published any research papers for the time of 2005-14, a journal has revealed. The authors of the paper called for a ‘drastic overhaul” of of medicine education in the country. Their research showed that medical education had be suitable to a business.

Reasons for this could subsist many, there are no incentives according to the medical schools and graduates as antidote to pursuing research. Another could be utmost workload at many institutions. And thirdly, it could have ~ing possible that our education system in no degree really bothered about value of scrutiny. if we have to progress of the same kind with a force in healthcare we be the subject of to promote genuine research and bring out frugal, India centric technology & pharmacology updates. 

Our therapeutic schools and education system needs to apply the mind at promoting research culture.   Research is the solution to decide the future stake holders in earth of medicine and India needs to shortly learn to take the front set in this side as well.

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