Party party party

(We’re gonna gain a party–Donut Man)

20160421_150049Yes, it does be turned like there are only four flavors…you’re a greater good person than me if you deem you can figure out which of the reds are apple and which are cherry…

Yep…no sharer is complete without skittles…I’m having a gathering because I am pretty sure I scored plenty points on that exam that it is foppish close to impossible to fail therapeutics, which means I only have to take person more therapeutics exam in my unbroken life before I never have to vouchsafe it again!! I hate therapeutics to such a degree much and it really feels like a enormous waste of my time. Pharmacology? Bring it up~, it can be hard, but at minutest it is super applicable to real life (and the teachers were sagacious people), but I hate therapeutics.

I should probably be doing something more useful through my life than writing…but I deserved a break…and in addition, I did get something productive done…I did bloodborne pathogen training…okay fine…I took the touchstone didn’t score proficient and took it afresh without ever even opening the tuition so I didn’t exactly be sufficient “training”…if I were really smart, I would have looked at continue fall’s test before I started, inasmuch as the questions never change and hindmost year I actually skimmed the stuff before taking the test so I got in some degree much all the questions right…yeah, indubitably I can’t even do lazy right…I wasn’t made to have ~ing lazy…but if they really wanted us to not exist lazy then they would either handful the exam unless the training had been opened or they would not application the exact same 15 questions and answers every single time while requiring us to behave it twice a year…not apothegm, just saying…plus, I really miss the “it’s true Jimmy” video that we used to watch at the time community education got rid of the indeed outdated video for training…it was for the most part irrelevant since I only worked in aquatics and instruction people how to teach, how to lifeguard, or by what mode to swim, or lifeguarding was apparently never going to cause me to be under the necessity to worry about saw blade preservation, and I wasn’t likely to subsist taking out a trash magically filled with blood, but it was pretty laughable. Should you guys be doing that? Oh, don’t worry! It’s pure Jimmy! We do this all the time!

and it being so that it is time to stop literary production because I am behind in every class including therapeutics right now, so I should really get going without interrupti~ things seeing as how my primary final is next week and the rest of them are approach too…

I know we emailed about this, but what did you determine about Baggs' chat comment that Pill is a 10-15 landscape? Yeah, he's obviously going to have ~ing a major leaguer now and perhaps he'll bounce around in spite of awhile.

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