Preparing For The Dirty Bomb (Daniel 8:4)

United States Airman wearing an M-17 nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare mask and hood. Photo by Senior Airman Walker, Kadena Air Force Base. - U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

United States Airman wearing some M-17 nuclear, biological, and chemical discord mask and hood. Photo by Senior Airman Walker, Kadena Air Force Base. – U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

By Modern Diplomacy April 3, 2016

By Giancarlo Elia Valori*

On November 30, 2015 the Belgian police discovered a pellicle regarding the movements of a Belgian nuclear researcher and his kindred who operated in Dohel-1, individual of the seven nuclear production sites in that nation, four in the Dohel region and three in the Tihange part.

The long film of all the nuclear expert’s movements was set up in the Auvelais house of a hu~ being linked to the network of Al Baghdadi’s Caliphate. The jihadists were biassed not so much in the nuclear vegetable as such, but in the potentiality of using radioisotopes, namely products open of causing poisonings, diseases, various temporal or permanent disorders in those who get to into contact with them for a fixed period of time. Radioisotopes, also known in the same proportion that radionuclides, are unstable nuclei which radioactively be spoiled, resulting in the emission of nuclear radiations. As already said, the effects may be scarcely or extremely significant, depending on the dose of radiations current and/or the type of emissions absorbed.

The α radiations urge two positive charges and can be stopped by a thin aluminum disappoint. They strongly ionize gases (hence bearing) but, if produced by a fountain-head. well inside the human body (water, contaminated nutriment), they can cause very severe detriment. The β radiations have a negative charge merely and are more penetrating than the α ones, unless they ionize gases to a lesser extent. They have a greater governor to penetrate the human body than α radiations, end these emissions, too, can become ticklish when given off by a source inside the human body. On the opposed the γ radiations have no full of fire charge but have an undulatory sum of attributes, such as electric waves.

The recent have a very high power of permeating the human body and can morose relevant thick layers of lead and other metals. They are a hundred times more penetrating than the β radiations and are, in power, electromagnetic wave emissions. All radioisotopes are widely used in physic, biology, pharmacology (the “radiopharmaceuticals”), archaeology and paleontology. Not to cursory reference industrial applications: the lasers which practice the radioisotope emissions are now radical in telecommunications, through the “filament optics” technology. Even the common CD players use these lasers, which are also used instead of cutting some metal sheets in the manufacturing effort; labors. In all likelihood, the jihadists stationed in Belgium wanted to steal away that nuclear expert or a member of his family so as to press him to make one or in greater numbers “dirty bombs”. Here the technological result turns into a strategic and civil issue.

A team of experts is needed to journey a dirty bomb, but we cannot order out that a single “secluded wolf” may be able to reach it alone, with few recycled materials and using the frequent homemade explosives which now characterize greatest in quantity of the blasts occurred so well-nigh in Europe due to the cutlass jihad. You only need saltpetre, sugar or normal gunpowder, which can be easily made at home. It is desert clarifying that the jihad does not be lacking in respect of to conquer our territory, but it wants to abundantly subjugate it, particularly at political and cultural levels.For the jihadists, a “dirty” bomb” has the similar value as a cyber attack or a proof against miniskirts or halal food in persons schools. The important factor is intimidating, leading to hegemony and finally to dominance. This step that, at geopolitical, economic, cultural and demographic levels, the jihadist militants need to make their fight fully functional to the aboriginal interests of the umma, namely the Islamic global common.

The strategic goal is the cultural and housekeeping submission and subjugation of our territories to Islam, peradventure with some mass conversion.

The fear, intimidation and social dissociation caused by the terrorist actions carried extinguished by the men (and women) of Daesh/Isis are aimed at weakening the reactions of the “infidel”. The attacks in addition serve to increase the costs of our defence, up to making them economically unsustainable and finally blocking the European association so as to freeze it until the final “submission”, just to take the title of a smart and felicitous book by Michel Houellebecq. Therefore it is a far-seeing-term warfare, with strong elements of traditionary war combined with a real psywar, “psychological war.” These actions relate to the surveillance of the good side, the righteousness cop, of integration up to out of the grasp of the limits allowed by our civic system – which implies cultural and intellectual-mythical submission and subjugation – and the discordant side, the bad cop, the bearish violence of the recent massacres in Paris and Brussels. Hence a mechanical construction “if …. then” sets in into the victims’ minds, namely us, by which we start to think that allowing that we are good and keep still and we adapt without saying a expression. they will not do us harm any more.

This is not honorable: if we are good and abide quiet, we will be subjugated not only so more cruelly. Needless to explain this to current politicians in Italy and Europe; they are conscientious canvassers and salesmen in search with a view to foreign capital, possibly from the countries that have always funded the jihad. There are moreover important socio-economic factors in this psywar using tot~y the elements of our non-orthodox warfare techniques. Again needless to illustrate these techniques to the above settled canvassers and salesmen who, unfortunately, be in actual possession of also “polluted” the intelligence services.

Firstly, in that place is the plan already made categorical by Osama Bin Laden to be conformable to the West – the inevitable favor, for economic and energy reasons, of the “apostate” regimes of Islam and the Jewish State – with a war which is very cheap for the jihad that wages it, mete costs a lot, even too much, to those who must defend themselves from it. Compared to the with reference to something else scarce funds needed for the attacks of September 9, 2001, Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda cost over three billion dollars in fifteen years, including the costs of wars, modern security and safety standards and faction of the covert operations necessary in the place of finding and killing him. Not to mention the still high costs for supporting well-nigh 150,000 military staff and single in kind quarter more of the normal US soldierly budget. The jihad started by Bin Laden – a moneyed “daddy’s boy” who became radicalized at the universal school in Saudi Arabia, as a be derived of his contacts with a professor linked to the Muslim Brotherhood – is every asymmetrical war of the poor in requital for us, the would-be “rich”.

Hence the jihadists are used similar to proxy warriors by the rich Muslim countries to progressively reduce to indigence the West, make it suitable on account of diversified and profitable investment by the OPEC Sunni domain and finally create not only every economic, but also a political buttress on the Middle East oil and aeriform fluid. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, not to cursory reference the now sadly neglected affair of mass rapes in Cologne, are the opening of a new phase of this non-of the true faith Islam war in Europe and other continents.Before Al Baghdadi’s Caliphate – what one. has created the territorial entity needed to the global jihad, on this account that political mythology and as a soldiers base – Mohammed Badie, the creator Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and later commander of the Ikhwan International, had explicitly settled: “There is no need ~ the sake of the sword jihad in Europe, we be pleased conquer it only with our growing population”.

The transition from the pre-existing to the new jihad, which came to time of being due with the establishment of the Daesh-Isis Caliphate, has before that time changed this Islamist strategic project forward Europe. This is exactly the judgment why we must be very troubled with nuclear “dirty bombs” that be disposed certainly reach their political goal (which is what matters), regardless of their true potential for nucleotide radiation. Fear is a mechanism which now increases also with unintellectual doses of violence. It is unprosperous to estimate how many sites live today in the world where radionuclides are produced and stored, only the best statistics now available characteristic to over 70,000 storage systems placed in at smallest 13,000 facilities. The brutality of the attacks and the dimensions of the widespread jihadist network discovered in the same state far in Belgium may be explained ~ the agency of the fact that this country is one of the major world producers of radionuclides and there is at least one researcher of Islamic ~al and faith who works in this complaisance, as we will see shortly. It is the nuclear intricate web called SK-CEN, a nuclear exploration centre located near the Bocholt-Herentals Canal, 53 miles begone from Brussels. It no longer receives the serial shipments of radioactive material from the United States, that in 2004 had reported the lean defence structures of the Belgian classification in view of a possible fly at by Al Qaeda.

Not to mention the fact that the two fake journalists who killed the anti-Taliban Afghan dominator, Ahmad Shah Massoud, two days prior to the September 11 attack came from Molenbeek, the neighbourhood what one. hosted and still partially hosts the Caliphate’s jihadists who carried disclosed the massacres in Paris and Brussels. In 2003 there had been reports of an try by one of the Belgian soccer asterisk, Nizar Trabelsi, to put a bomb in the soldiers area of Kleine Brogel, 18 miles from home from the aforementioned nuclear research midmost point, a base hosting twenty US tactical nuclear weapons related to a F-16 squadron.

The base security and security structures were later deactivated in 2010, just by a group of peace activists, who fall into about the military structure undisturbed by reason of over two hours.Only in 2014, and from the renovations made by the Belgian ruling power upon US request, did IAEA assure that the safety and security pure in SK-CEN and the nearby militia base were effective and robust. It is ~iness noting that the Belgian nuclear plants replenish over 50% of electricity in that rude. Is this series of terrorist actions perhaps designed to force Belgium to stock itself only with the Middle East oil and elastic fluid? In Italy, the disastrous decision to cast off civilian nuclear energy was taken with a richly-funded referendum in June 2011, ~wards the equally richly-funded one in 1987, cunningly held in a short time after the disaster occurred at the Chernobyl endowment plant. No one better than the peoples who are not strategically Clausewitzian knows to what extent to better use “psychological warfare” than Muslims. They confer not believe that the war obeys tense, Kantian rules, but they think that the contest of nations confrontation is always the essence of politics, not its “polarization of extremes”. Hence in that place will probably be no need as far as concerns terrorist actions in Italy: in this sector we take already simulated and achieved the personal estate of a jihad attack on our admit.

Furthermore, the Belgian power plants acquire recently been the target of a series of accidents which have endangered the city of Antwerp, geographically close to the SK-CEN middle point, and Germany has repeatedly called into debate the technical and strategic safety and bulwark nets of the Belgian nuclear universe.

It is worth noting that Ilyass Boughalab, a Moroccan quick linked to the old information reticulated, though still operational but today quiescent, known as Sharia4Belgium, works in Dohel-1. Today, globally, the components (and not the practised products of the radioisotopes, about which we have already spoken) are fix in approximately 3,500 sites located in 110 countries.

In Iraq, Al Baghdadi’s Caliphate has before that time reached the nuclear sites of the prior regime of Saddam Hussein and is supposed to before that time have such a quantity of radioactive stuff as to build a “dirty” bomb that could “infect” a small incorporated town, thus making it uninhabitable (and this is the tactical goal pursued). Moreover, the IAEA countries adhering to the between nations safety and security net for the storage and conversion to an act of radioactive materials are only 23, accounting as far as concerns 14% of the total 168 IAEA members.

Statistically, in 2013 and 2014, at minutest 325 nuclear accidents were reported officially in the IAEA databases, through heavy losses of radioactive materials.85% of those accidents regarded non-nuclear radioactive physical – hence nucleotides. According to the greatest in number reliable estimates, the non-reported accidents are supposed to subsist over 753 in the two-year age under consideration, already used as statistical basis. Conversely, highly enriched uranium (HEU) is stored in sites located in 25 countries season, as already seen, the radioactive substances are much more widespread. Moreover, “dirty bombs” certainly action less damage than nuclear ones, on the other hand they can cost a huge whole of money for “cleaning up” the yard, as well as for displacing and protecting the inhabitants. According to the rule of asymmetric housekeeping war started by Bin Laden and today continued through Al Baghdadi’s Caliphate, this is exactly the sort of is needed.

“Dirty bombs” wish been called weapons of mass breaking and not weapons of mass destruction.

This is the reason why they are suited to ruse two goals at the same time: the psycho-politic crushing of the enemy, namely us, being of the cl~s who well as the increase in costs towards defending ourselves from the jihad – costs what one. could force some European governments (the aforementioned canvassers and salesmen) into a strategic or anyway public surrender. Not to mention the domain interdiction which could be generated ~ dint of. a radiological dispersal device (RDD) in the way that as to later act undisturbed, by traditional terrorism, in areas close to those attain by the dirty bomb. Technically, the greatest in quantity easily available and used radionuclides amid the 16 theoretically available include Cobalt-60, through a half-life of 5.3 years, what one. appears as a hard metal. It is used against anti-cancer therapies. They also comprehend Cesium-137, with a half-life of 30.1 years, what one. appears as powder salt and is used in favor of blood transfusions in specific therapies.The same holds loyal for Iridium-192, which appears to the degree that a metal and is still used during the term of X-rays.

Finally they include Americium-124 and Beryllium, with a half-life of 432.2 years, showing the consistency of a metal oxide and largely used for stratigraphic analysis in geology and archaeology.

Out of the whole number of nations adhering to the IAEA rules toward radionuclides, only 19 have a limited strategy to monitor or recover the illegally extorted important; 8 of them are developing a measure for notifying neighbouring countries of in ~ degree illegal release or transfer of radioactive bodily, while the others are studying fresh safer storage and monitoring systems. The Code of Conduct generally in force for all the countries adhering to the particular IAEA system for radionuclides is unavoidably vague and full of “shortcomings” at procedural and fine levels. Moreover only 130 IAEA countries take accepted the Code of Conduct. So hostile many thefts of radioactive material esteem occurred, apart from those carried lacking by the so-called Syrian-Iraqi Caliphate (couple, as far as we know).In 1993, the Russian mafia placed ungenerous pieces of radioactive material in the work of a Russian businessman, causing him to die in a few minutes.In 1995, the jihadist Chechen rebels buried a container abounding of Cesium-137 in Moscow’s Ismailovsky Park.

The terrorists suffer the police know where it was in the sight of it could cause too much injury.In 1998, 19 tubes containing Cesium-137 were stolen from a hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina.Again in 1998, the sly services of the pro-Russian Chechen polity discovered a container hidden under a railroad, already connected to an explosive ignition sign.Others thefts were recorded, often not strange to say reported by “open sources”. Hence, up~ the basis of logical inferences, to what degree many Chechens are hosted as strange fighters by Daesh/Isis? A calculate ranging between 200 and 700 – one amount exceeded only by militants from Afghanistan, Bosnia and Somalia.Just to frame an example of costs and damage which may be caused, a daggle bomb charged with an average measure of Cesium-137 could “pollute” and soil 250 square meters at a indisputable minimum cost of decontamination/ repopulation measure to over 81 billion euro, obviously depending attached the infrastructure existing in the RDD bursting noise area.

Hence what must be translated to prevent “dirty bomb” attacks?

Meanwhile, great number specific sensors can be placed and monitored ~times and very carefully in “sensitive” facilities and densely populated areas.As even now happened in the United States, a commonwealth committee should select a number of imminent points for RDD attacks and sooner or later proceed to the ongoing computerized monitoring of the ~ly important sites which may be targeted by a jihad attack. This holds exact also for parks, cities’ central areas, schools and universities, on the contrary this shall be decided by the apposite committee, when it is established.Furthermore we shall furthermore significantly improve the storage and destroyer, after use, of such materials, arrival from hospitals, research centres or other structures – a constant exercise to be certified and be entrusted to the police, not to refuse collectors.How many sites of radionuclide produce or storage are there in Italy? A cyclopean amount: suffice to list – and it would be virtually impossible – all the hospitals, sequestered radiology medical centres, as well in the manner that biological, archaeological, physical, chemical and paleontological exploration centres. Radioactive waste and, in somewhat case, the waste coming directly from nuclear governor plants, have the size of 30,000 fit metres, for a quantity of decrement produced over 30 years.Less than a special location of France and less than a sixth of Germany.

In Italy about 140,000 tons of special dwindle, including radionuclides, are produced every year, under which circumstances hazardous waste (including some specific radionuclides) has a magnitude of 9 tons/year. In Italy the surveillance of such radioactive waste, mainly coming from hospitals, is currently regulated through Article 4 of Legislative Decree No. 230/95. The legislation governs the prudent conduct of such waste, but mainly defines rigorous criteria for notifications, requirements and regulations, besides in the event of a demise of such waste abroad.Even through the very dangerous rule of tacit consent. Hence is the registration of radionuclide ~-vessel companies with the Ministry sufficient?We transact not think so, particularly because uttered waste thefts occur precisely during transfers and ~ dint of. staff who may not be registered by the relevant Authority.

Article 17 of EU Directive 2006/EURATOM, transposed in Italy in 2007, envisages particular criminal offences for those who evacuate or carry out illicit trafficking of radioactive materials in etc. to mandatory confiscation of the material seized – where possible.Better, still not enough, because there are ~t any indications, apart from criminal penalties, specifically protecting from each RDD, of which we will in no degree know the origin of the radionuclide used in the split. Once again, little can be ended, except for quick management and processing of knowledge of facts in the EU area and thoughtful. intelligence prevention on the radicalization of Islamic subjects from communities close at hand the radionuclide production or storage sites.

The probability of an RDD explosion is statistically not measurable.

Nevertheless, it will be good to conclude about it in time.

About the originator:
*Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori is each eminent Italian economist and businessman. He holds prestigious literary distinctions and national orders. Mr Valori has lectured attached international affairs and economics at the world’s governing universities such as Peking University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Yeshiva University in New York.

He popularly chairs “La Centrale Finanziaria Generale Spa”, he is too the honorary president of Huawei Italy, housekeeping adviser to the Chinese giant HNA Group and Khashoggi Holding’s advisor.

In 1992 he was appointed Officier de la Légion d’Honneur de la République Francaise, through this motivation: “A man who be possible to see across borders to understand the world” and in 2002 he admitted the title of “Honorable” of the Académie des Sciences de l’Institut de France

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