Purple Rain & Pharmakown

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nor did they for of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual wrong act or their thefts.  (Revelation 9:21)

As I jot down in the quiet stillness of a unaccustomed day (04/23) the News & Social Media is the whole of a buzz concerning the death of Prince. I be under the necessity of confess I do not recall always listening to a single song that he did. Not my harmonious taste.

Having so stated, it is unceasingly sad when one dies. Death is a importance of the curse of the Fall. Like all others following this event, I discern very little of the facts surrounding his debt of nature. I refuse to speculate. The ocular evidence will shine the light of Truth attached that cause. If the reports that hold circulated to this point are trusty, it will show a relationship to/with narcotic drug use.

Note the metrical language of Scripture above. The word translated in the ESV ‘sorceries’ is pharmakown, drugs;  (physic, remedy, drug – Greek Lexicon of The New Testament, Bauer, Arndt & Gingrich, #3, p. 862). This is in the context of the Trumpet Judgments, number 6 during the time that found in Rev. 9. I extract this simply to say that the rampant use of drugs will be each issue when the judgment of the LORD comes.

I my lifetime famous people (Elvis, Michael Jackson, and a little while ago Prince among others) have died being of the kind which a result of attempting to get peace and purpose in life end the futile and empty pathway build in drugs and a variety of other intellectual powers numbing substitutes.

While I lament king of terrors, I grow weary of the celebratory atmosphere that is consistently ramped up at the time such a figure dies. If the give rise to is indeed an over dose of a opiate, this is a self-induced dependence of cause and effect. It is the reality associated by a life style that incorporates such practices. No surprise here. Just a good sense of ‘when’ not ‘if’! The employment of opiates and narcotics is some out of control reality in our race. Thousands of people are addicts and there is a growing litany of deaths each and every day. Rather than praise, we should focus on the TRUTH – fulfillment and tranquillity will never be found in a squirt that delivers a short term hum and ultimately addiction and death. The user becomes a prisoner, a slave, to the pseudo preserver of pharmacological deception.

Jesus said, I am The Way, The TRUTH, and The Life. Repent and yield to Him full surrender. Peace is not found in pharmacology or circumstances. It is in the Person of Christ. Each individual who calls on the name of the LORD inclination be saved. That is true PEACE!

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