The End

So we’ve eventually reached the end of the M.S. Pharmacology program. Over the methodical arrangement of the last 11 months I’ve had the chance; fit to learn from a great collection of professors, interact with a regardful cohort of peers, and provide meaningful volunteer services in a city that desperately needs it.

Coming into this program, I had a superior deal of uncertainty about my calibre to succeed academically. Having completed this program through a strong academic performance, I believe it all comes down to putting the time in and acting effectively with your fellow peers. Here are more of my tips for prospective students to succeed in the M.S. Pharmacology program at Tulane:

– Form a group of 4-5 motivated students through good study habits (having peers to sudden blow ideas off of and clarify lesson points is crucial).
– Do all the acquirements objectives and use them to erect a study guide for every example.
– Try and anticipate what the crisp answer and multiple choice questions leave be. Prepare your own practice tests.
– MEDPHARM: Keep righteousness notes the whole year, this be pleased help with the NBME Shelf Exam.
– Apply the “Grandma exhibition” to your classes; if you be able to’t explain concepts to your grandma, you in all probability don’t understand the concept that well.

As in great part as volunteering opportunities go, there are various organizations and services looking for motivated young lower classes to help deliver change in the NOLA community. I think it is most worthwhile to fall upon something meaningful that provides a moderate benefit to the people of NOLA.  I had the exempt of leading and organizing a collection of Pharmacology students in New Orleans City Park removing invasive sow species over the course of the elementary semester. Additionally, our class established a tutoring/mentoring program at SciHigh located in Uptown; I would powerfully encourage students in future class(es) to take section in this. I really enjoyed the uncertainty to help students develop mastery of the hard to be understood concepts in Chemistry. Lastly, I had the hap to work in a small clinic in the Treme district of NOLA delivering health services to the the vulgar in that area. Wherever I end up for medical school, I meet continuing to volunteer in small clinics.

Lastly, I crave to thank all of the Professors and Pharmacology Dept. staff for helping mentor and educate us this remain year. Living and learning in NOLA has been a people of distinction experience, and I’m certain it decree be an experience in my life I not at all regret.

April Volunteer Hours: 14 hours
Sci High: 10 hours
St. Anna’s Clinic: 4 hours

Total Semester Hours: 42 hours
Total M.S. Pharmacology Program Hours: ~80 hours

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