The science foundation year is a joke.

tl;dr The knowledge foundation year is a joke and doesn’t differe much from secondary school at all. Doesn’t handle like preparation for uni at wholly.

First of all to all those wondering, you dont earn taught at the uni, you increase taught at the college “over the high~”. I am a student on the endowment year and its so disorganised and such a poor course it might in the manner that well be called “A-Levels stretched by lecturers who dont care over anyone and get pissy when you’re brace minutes late to lectures but self-reliance stop a lecture for 5 minutes at a time for the reason that someone coughed”.

I dont really be aware of where to begin with this vociferate but I will give it my superlatively good shot since I really want people to know what they are getting into before they decide to perform this foundation degree. First of aggregate your foundation degree is not specific to your course in any room for passing, shape or form. If you are doing a settlement degree in Pharmacology like me because you were told you were allowed to bestow foundation Pharmacy with 180 UCAS points including EPQ’s bound they then turned around results time and said “Oh, we’re despicable you’d been mis-informed level though we told you this ~ people times” then you will be in a rank with Chemistry students (who have to learn Biology), Pharmaceutical learning students, Forensic science students, Biomed students and Nutritionists.

The give chase to is comprised of 4 modules:
Some AS and A2 Biology
Some AS and A2 Chemistry
Some AS and A2 Maths
And a subject called skills what one. to be fair isn’t moreover bad, props to my lab lecturer Alok in quest of actually teaching us what being a scientist estate.

To pass the course you fust achieve a minimum of 40% in all of your modules which equates to relative to an E/D grade assuming some A* makes up the top binding of mark percentage. When converted to UCAS points this property that if you pass with the sheer minimum it equates to 160 UCAS points what one. I believe at the current consequence is the minimum you need to accomplish at A-Level to get onto the track in the first place. Im wondering the sort of the logic behind that is… Surely suppose that you can already achieve that to procure to be onto the course and you esteem your UCAS points in science degrees on that account you’re just as qualified to vouchsafe your normal Uni course before you be sufficient the foundation year than after the groundwork year? It would be nice whether or not someone actually explained this.

When I started the set of dishes me and my fellow coursemates were told that this endowment year would prepare us for uni notwithstanding im yet to see any accurate signs of this. My tutor has singly arranged one meeting for me this pure year to talk about my progress and that was near christmas time. The only difference betwixt this foundation year and secondry govern is that you wear your admit clothes, you get taught “lecture pattern” which really doesnt require a healthy year to get used to and you direction also get told that nobody cares surrounding if you attend or not.

The simply reason I’m doing this direction is so I can actually commit to memory to do the course I race of want to do at uni. This point of compass is not a foundation year. It is nay different to secondry school for those who esteem done science subjects already at A-Level.

I dont be warmed like I’m being prepared instead of university and I’ve tried to utter to my tutors about how I touch but I keep being told that “I privation to talk to so and in such a manner” which just leads to an infinite circle of emails.

Maybe some folks have different opinions about this than I behave and thats understandable that with more things I could have just been dealt a abandoned set of cards but also some of what I’ve written is thing done. Everyone can make their own understanding up about this and I dont wish to sway anyone with this ~-end I felt the need to dispose this out there, rant and haply have someone from the Uni diocese this and get in contact through me.

I hope everyone has a benevolent day

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