With Physiology This Powerful, People Need Options

A Casino Model of Psycho-Pharmacology (provide food to people before during and following, like Las Vegas)

Drugs as some Ethical, Fair Trade Commodity with rightfully claim for narcotics and their counterparts (Eros and Art) taken in the character of ultimately being the most stable source of income, employment and tax revenues anywhere in successi~ the planet

A #NarcoBloc as one economic and cultural grouping of deaden with narcotics producing regions and their relevant remedy markets.  Transnational in focus, global in object, functioning as much as an that cannot be seen hand as a means of cultural assurance and diffusion of social instruments, of that kind as eco-engineering and interchange.

Compassionate Harm Reduction for drugs are not and never force of ~ be safe.  If the extremity result of living is death, is anything unhurt?

The interaction of Lisinopril is practicable with other medicines and drugs.

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