4th Year Finals

It’s that time of year again, finals are upon us.
I have power to’t believe I’ve finished second semester of my second year here which means I’ve reached the end of 4th year!
This year is publicly bad for exams in that we accept lots of exams and they’re every one of really big subjects. I passed my Anatomy II eventual in January which was a year extended subject and this summer I be under the necessity Parasites and Pathological Physiology which are moreover really big subjects.
In total I be obliged 9 finals this exam period and that’s not including every part of the credits we have!

So farther I have passed General Surgery (A), Haematology (A), Clinical Diagnostics (B) and Radiology (D).

We predetermined hard for Radiology so I was a fragment gutted I only got a D but that a pass is a pass and it’s any other exam done!
The grades for a D are 61-70% likewise while it doesn’t sound people of distinction, you just have to remember back in the UK that’s a ~-reaching 2:1 or a 1st.

Tomorrow I desire Meat Hygiene and then I decision do Nutrition, Parasites, Pharmacology and PathoPhys!

Fish acrylic consumed set time-to-day has proved that be able to help with this particular ailment.

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