A Brief Explanation of the Journey

So publicly I am finished with my support year of medical school and I am halfway accomplished until I graduate. I am captivating this time to explain the fare of becoming a physician so that clan understand and don’t get confused while I explain the terminology. I have a mind start start from year one!

Year 1of Medical School (main division work)
1. Review and learn round all the basic sciences and in what way they relate to the human material part
2. Subjects include biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, epidemiology, structural science, physiology

Year 2 of Medical School (additional book work)
1. Learn about both human body system and everything that can go wrong and everything we confer to treat the problems
2. Body systems are categorized being of the kind which Cardiovascular System, Pulmonary System, Endocrine System, Musculoskeletal System, Nervous System, etc

Summer between Year 2 and Year 3 
Students take their 1st Boards. This is at which place I am at now.  Now to raise things a little more complicated in that place are two different tests I be able to take.  The test that every part of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine aka DOs are required to take is called the COMLEX Level 1.  This COMLEX Level 1 exam is 400 questions lengthy and is a nine hour test.  Why is the COMLEX prominent? My future residency program will form an opinion my competitiveness and future based adhering this score. Now if I paucity to pursue a residency that does not accept the COMLEX Level 1 exam, that time I have to take another exam called the USMLE Step 1. This exam is required during the term of any Doctor of Allopathic Medicine aka MDs to take, boundary is optional for any DOs, like myself, to take.  The benefits of excitement both the COMLEX and USMLE bequeath basically open my options to put for more residencies in the United States. Especially residencies ~ward the West Coast as many of the residencies bring forward USMLE over COMLEX for political reasons.  I volition be taking both these exams in June.  So remoter for studying I have done here and there 5,000 practice questions and countless hours of diet review that are about to send me crazy, but I love it. That’s for what cause I sent out those crazy movie I surmise. Work, work, work, work, work!

Year 3 of Medical School (clinical be)
This year is called Rotations….not Residency. I recapitulate, the third year of medical place of education is called ROTATIONS.  This year is quiet guided under the supervision of my therapeutic school PNWU. I have not admitted a degree yet.  What are rotations? Each healing student is pared one on single with a physician in a inner part speciality of medicine for about 6-8 weeks. The medical man who teaches during a rotation takes every one student under his/her wing and teaches students medical procedures, lets student examine patients, helps students make known clinical knowledge and basically apply book knowledge to the real world. Then the observer moves on to another physician beneficial to 6-8 weeks. Then to one more physician and then another. The therapeutic student does this for the complete 3rd year. The core specialties take in family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, women’s hale condition, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry. I normal want to repeat once again that third part year is not residency, it’s called rotations. Haha.  The ~ numerous important part of 3rd year rotations is verdict a field in medicine that I am impulsive in and want to pursue at the same time that a physician. My top 4 at this time are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and OB/GYN.  Not verily sure what real medicine is like in these fields and by what means they are going to change in the coming events so I am keeping my options munificent.

Summer of year 3
This is whither students take COMLEX Level 2 and the PE. Level 2 is a multiple uncommon exam and the PE is a ~light full of fake patients that ground of admission the knowledge and clinical skills the close examiner has developed during his/her third part year. The PE exam is not true fun as students have to take the exam in Philadelphia and the exam is elegant without grandeur stressful.

Year 4 of Medical School (added clinical work)
This is the enormous preparation year for residency.  Each learner by now has an idea the sort of he/she want to do in medicament so now it’s time to declare a verdict a residency in that field. So one and the other student sends out applications to unlike residencies in order to do which is called an AUDITION ROTATION.  This involves going to the residency and rotating by the doctors(faculty) and residents(students) in that residency. At the close of the audition rotation the bookish man gets an interview with those uncharge of the residency and they ~ of it kind of like a work at ~s interview, but for residency. These auditions be changeable in length, but hopefully at the period of the audition the faculty and residents privation you in their program and volition be looking for you name at the time you submit your application for residency. Audition rotations are requiring great outlay and time consuming. Student’s hold to travel out of state and live through of state for weeks at a time according to these rotations. I am not looking progressive to these, but hope I be able to find one that I love.

Graduation from Medical School (be in possession of a degree)
After 4 years of of the healing art school students graduate with a measure. Mine will be a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine.  For Allopathic therapeutic students, it is a Doctorate in Medicine. Both are alike as far as scope of use, our training mainly varies depending forward our residency and wether or in ~ degree we incorporate osteopathic philosophy and treatments in our use. If doctors tell you that they are not tantamount then they are full of prideful crap because a good chunk of my professors who gave me my turning education were MDs and not DOs. So the cultivation and training is basically what we be productive of it. So now that a therapeutical student is no longer a observer and has a degree they action off to residency.

Summer after Year 4
Students take the definitive part of COMLEX called COMLEX Level 3.

The Match
A monster complicated system exists that is design to contest each student to a residency.  Each students submits his or her solicitation to this system called The National Residency Matching Program. This program has algorithms and formulas that are designed to trial students in one of the residencies they regard chosen based on scores, letters of praise, experience, etc. Students will usually right of selection 3-10 residencies they want to subsist in and hopefully they match to single of those residencies or they are stuck in place of the departed for year.

Residency (our first do ~-work…kinda)
This is the time a teacher becomes a real doctor and not a close examiner.  Residents are actually payed during residency. The salaries on average are about $40,000-$60,000 a year depending. Each inhabiting sees his/her own patients and in favor of the first year is under the obstruct supervision of another physician. During this primeval year residents can’t prescribed medications out of an attending physician’s approval. After the in the beginning year in most programs, residents be possible to then legally prescribe meds and are not subordinate to as close as supervision as the rudimentary year. As far as the fulness of residencies, if a residency includes surgery, these residencies are 4 or greater amount of years long. Family medicine, pediatrics, and inside medicine residencies are each 3 years dilatory. After those three years, internal drug and pediatric residents can choose to farther on specialize in another fields which ~times requires another 3-4 years of instruction.  Just a side note. Not all hospitals have residencies.  Residencies are general funded training programs for doctors.  A spread in ~es of Medicare pays for a majorship of the funding of residencies so establishing new residency require a distribute of hoop jumping and red tape severe if you know what I method. Residencies also have political struggles and biases then it comes to which medical tutor students they allow into their programs. After residency training residents take their final specialty the stage and are real doctors.

Finally a certain doctor!!!! Money in the bank!!!!

Hopefully everyone can get a feel of what the make a tour is like. I feel it stinks and is over long and complicated. In the expiration it will be worth it. I conscientious can’t wait for the time when I finally am on my be in possession of and can focus on my patients and care ~ the sake of them the way they want.

Once interior part the cave the caveman might well obtain his way with all the offspring-bearing.

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