A tribute to school

For the continue 20 years of my life I be the subject of been enrolled in school.  Little did I perceive the depth of the journey that lied against us. There would be many tears, fears, frustrations, cheerfulness, togetherness, friends, a cute boy that would convey secretly my heart, and more learning than I ~more imagined.  

….homework, papers, assignments, fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews.  Numbers that added letters.  Numbers and literature that added words and stories.  Numbers, correspondence, story problems is starting to have too easy…so lets throw in a bend. ball of the IMAGINARY NUMBERS.  Tests, thousands of years ~iness of history, finals, group projects, represent sure you color in the lines.  Use the keyboard in successi~ the computer, NO PEAKING! TYPE FASTER! Remember your notes- Every Good Boy Does Fine, FACE, Great Big Dogs Fight Animals. Hola, bonjour, glory, aloha, arigoto, devo fare pipi….whatsoever, I’ll stick to english.  But dress in’t forget there are rules.  Hundreds of rules to remember, by as many exceptions as there are rules.  I prior to E except after C.  Words that give out a ~ the same but mean something completely contrasted, and the spelling…there, their, they’re…slip on’t use the wrong one.  And in which case we’re at it let’s end in a silent P.

Now, you are one adult here.  So start operating on top of this- school is requiring great outlay. Its time to juggle the abounding time school and full time drudge.  Remember, you’re in the calling for caring for lives here.  No mistakes be possible to occur.  They may try to die on you but don’t let it chance.  You are responsible. Oh and did I cursory reference they’re children? No pressure.  And time your at it, people need to subsist fed, toiletted, bathed, ambulated, weighed, medicated, measured, loved, and encouraged.  You acquire more than one to do this toward and everything needs to documented.  They are also in the hospital and are real sick.  They may just be having the worst day of their lives, in the same manner don’t get mad if they catch at at you or are mean.  The average ones need the love and pity the most.

And since we’re up~ the body the subject lets talk about cells…genes…atoms…elements…biology, chemistry…things being so lets add anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology….
CRT, ACT, TEAS, NCLEX…letters this still give me the chills.  Assessments, pharmacology, interventions, advanced med/surg, clinical rotations, specialized habit. Community, leadership, navigating health systems, global nursing…

So to this place I go jumping through hoop subsequent to hoop, falling down, scraping my knees, attempting to be in possession of back up just to get thrown back etc. again.  Flying through the nonplus with its sharp edges searing into my derm. The pain, the searing pain.  The difficulty ringing through my body.  The critical remarks, the judgement, the opinions of others commentating adhering my stumbles. I can hear their laughter and their voices- they say I’ll none make it. I try to ignore them and I be turned around and find I am not alone.  Other crazy population are trying to jump through the hoops too.  Some are soaring through the hoops, specious to not have to jump at total.  And then there those who have painfully fallen to the ground through me.  We find each other, grip suddenly on for dear life and win back up to face the hoops again. We’re getting better at this.  We’ve caught up~ to the pattern.  Oh wait, they upright changed the pattern and I determine judicially myself back on the ground.  Alone.  I am in that place again, and again and again.  I’m thrown from my feet to my knees which is no coincidence.  I have power to’t do this alone.  I stand in want of help.  I need strength.  I penury a little encouragement. I need belonging intervention and some heavenly help from too magnanimous for. I choke a silent prayer through my tears and when I generous my eyes my Savior is there.  Because of Him, I slip on’t have to do this alone.  He wipes gone my tears, brushes off the grit, then helps me to my feet.  He points against us and says that a path has been made in the place of me.  It is perfect.  It resoluteness lead me right where I indigence to be.  He holds my hands and says He behest help me through the hoops.  So I try anew feeling my fire having been rekindled. It is after that hard and I still fall, if it be not that I know my Savior is agree by.  With every tumble a lecture is learned and I find myself acquisition stronger. Getting closer to my goal.  A knowledge is seen at the end of tunnel but the hoops have never greater degree of difficult.  I am tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and omit nothing more than to be finished.  But I am not in that place yet and still have some dues to pay.  So I skillfully retain fighting the battle I have well-informed to love/ hate. One last caper, one more leap of faith and I made it to the day~.  I made it through my definitive hoop.   My Savior is in that place and he says good job.  I crow a little because I know in the absence of Him I would have never made it beyond that first hoop.  Finally, a affection of rest and peace.  I desire reached my goal, I have experienced the race.

This post has besides words than I usually post, but I’m feeling sentimental today and I poverty to paint a mental picture of in what state school felt. School has been my life.  It is totality I know.  It has been the hardest created being I have ever done, but it has likewise molded me into the person I am and has given me tools to exist the best person I can subsist.  President Gordon B. Hinckley wrote every article in the New Era at the time that I was young women’s.  It was theme that has stayed with me over the years.  You can discover it here.  I love the perfect article but here is a snippet that stuck revealed to me back then..

          You must get all of the education that you peradventure can. Life has become so compages and competitive. You cannot assume that you bear entitlements due you. You will subsist expected to put forth great essay and to use your best talents to become your way to the most amazing future of which you are qualified.  Sacrifice a car; loss anything that is needed to have ~ing sacrificed to qualify yourselves to fare the work of the world. That world will in large measure pay you the sort of it thinks you are worth, and your value will increase as you gain schooling and proficiency in your chosen tract of land .

 So, many years later…to this place I am.  I finally esteem my education, my license and my station.  Though learning will never extremity my formal schooling has.  I am left by bitter sweet feelings.  Hallelujah to none having to post on a form into ~s forum again, but I will miss the suitable times school has brought.

With quite that being said.  On to of recent origin beginnings! New adventures are in replenish.  Carlin and I have some time to have a few again crazy adventures together with just the sum of ~ units of us… then bring on the babies!! We tenderness life and are so excited because of the future ahead.  



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