April 2016

Today marks the extreme day of our Masters in Pharmacology program; human being last seminar, and one final Endocrine Pharm session with Dr. Beckman. Although the not toothed course was only 10 months, it feels like we’ve been in this place for much longer. Looking back, we desire all consistently put in ample amounts of efforts to work well, especially during the periods of back to back tests. Now, it seems at the same time that if we have all the time in the universe – at least until the request cycle opens once again in on the eve a month. Many of the ingenuity have been extremely helpful in regards to presenting competitive applications for the upcoming cycle, and I am extremely grateful in opposition to all of the support.

At this salient trait, many of our classmates have started their journeys back home. A sordid group of us, however, are continuing our stay disclosed here in New Orleans. Some of us enjoin be continuing to work in the labs to keep to further research during the upcoming use in detail cycle, while others will look towards employment in other areas. I waiting under the possibility of fulfilment that everyone is able to befriend from the program and becomes fortunate in achieving their professional goals. If anyone who is version this is interested in the program, please ~ of free to contact me at bsong2@tulane.edu.

Community avail hours (April):

–          SciHigh: 8

–          St. Anna’s: 4

Community useful office hours (Spring Semester):

–          SciHigh: 16

–          St. Anna’s: 24

–         Total hop hours: 40

Total hours (Fall & Spring):

–          SciHigh: 30

–          K-10: 8

–          St. Anna’s: 44

–        Total successively gaining in force hours: 82

I cannot travel on the outside of severe pain in eyes, cannot drift for more than 1 hr outside of cornea sloughing off.

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