Biomedical degree then Dentistry degree.

I need to study dentistry at university though i’ve come to the completion it just isn’t going to turn up and I defiantly won’t win an offer and I’ve heard that doing a class beforehand can make it easier, likewise i was wondering how easy it it to secure into dentistry if say you’d effected a biomedical degree or pharmacology quality beforehand?

Also dentistry usually requires aggregate A’s at A level and assert if you got 2 A’s and a B in consequence did a biomedical degree, then hind that reapplied for dentistry would you have ~ing able to even if you didn’t achieve the recommended A-Level grades excepting you’ve done a degree in biomed?

Sorry granting that this is really confusing its normal that I really want to do dentistry however I’m not ridiculously pungent and it’s so competitive that I wouldn’t calm get an interview, so I’m belief about taking the biomed/pharmacology route to get into it even granting that it does mean an extra 3 years.

Anything besides — in the most terrible aspects of dejection.

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