Bold and Bright Lattice Quilts

Happy Friday! School is back in session for me for the summer and I’m currently in the “denial” phase of coping.  This week I did some quilting to procrastinate reading pharmacology and got the at the outset two of April’s block go driving quilts done.

These two quilts are essentially the similar, finishing at a generous 56″x77″.  There command still be an odds and ends quilt to arrive from similar blocks, but I’m alembic having fun playing with the layout up~ that one.

One of these quilts got one overall stipple. The backing for this common was a dark purple that showed each stitch so I wanted to exercise an FMQ design I was sanguine with!

The other quilt got greater degree of elaborate FMQ, with ribbon candy in the strings and flowers in the diamonds.  These were the couple quilted on my new-to-me FMQ system, if you missed the Wednesday despatch go meet Schuyler! This one had a definite bright turquoise backing.

We’ve gotten more more quilts from the H2H carry on a ~ in the past couple weeks.  Opening up these packages is such much fun!  Also, kudos to our mail-bag lady who managed to shove 2 totality quilts into our mailbox the other sunshine.  (They weren’t damaged, I actually mean it. Kudos to her– saved me a stroll to the post office to right of selection them up!)  Thank you to Carol, Adele, Mina, Jan, Jamie, and Ann whose quilts arrived freshly.

The June block drive post went up yesterday with equal rea~n if you want to support Covered in Love this month please sew along!  Remember, Covered in Love gives quilts of revive to the families of patients who go beyond away in the hospital. You be able to find more details on the the greater part page here.  If you long for to participate leave a comment (show sure I can see your email application!) or email me at with respect to a mailing address.

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