Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence

UNA topical 115 would like to celebrate those who made a dispute at Foothills Medical Center (past and near) as CARNA #celebrates 100 years of nursing in #Alberta by Centennial Awards. Some of the winners of these awards are described in the under world (source directly from: http://carna100.ca/100-nurses/). 



Lori Forand started her course of conduct as an acute care bedside and charge manage on the oncology and bone morrow and consanguinity cell transplant program at Foothills Medical Centre. She sooner or later became a sessional instructor for manifold years, mentoring student nurses through Mount Royal College.  Teaching inspired her to strive for her masters in communication studies, focusing on clinical informatics. After obtaining her masters, she worked to place by the post the information needs of health-care professionals through the use of information and connecting passage technologies.  As area manager in the limits of integrated home care, she led the program’s conversion of the care delivery model.


Diane Colley-Urquhart is recognized viewed like a dynamic community leader serving in the same manner with Calgary Police Commissioner and a limb of Calgary City Council. Diane is each innovative strategist who continually seeks recently made known ways to enhance the effectiveness of her the world service and volunteer roles. She publicly sits on over 15 boards, commissions and committees and volunteers tirelessly in the compass of her community. A registered nurse with a view to over 45 years, Diane has held older management and teaching positions in serving to add force trauma and cardiac care with Foothills Medical Centre, University of Alberta Hospital, Beverly Care Centre, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society and Kids Help Phone to character a few. Diane has worked at the Chronic Pain Centre as far as concerns the past 12 years.


MacNeil Cornez is for ever looking for ways to better his custom and the health-care system in the same manner with a whole. He was president of the Student Nurses Society at Mount Royal University to what he played an active role in setting up present opportunities and social events for nursing students. He has held variegated positions at Foothills Medical Centre, including one clerk, registered nurse and charge economize. MacNeil was chairperson of the unit’s cabinet, responsible for growing leadership and empowering employees. He is since a site manager, where he is answerable for coordinating day-to-day uncomplaining flow throughout the hospital and acts viewed like a resource to charge nurses. He is also currently working towards his masters in hale condition policy.


Jennifer Evangelista works of the same kind with the clinical nurse educator at the Foothills Medical Centre pressing necessity department in Calgary. Jennifer believes in supporting tot~y staff and developed a written and as to words plan of action for guidance and sustentation to RNs for return to drudge after a disciplinary issue. She developed and things being so teaches the trauma orientation and participates because a facilitator in critical incident pressure management events. She also co-teaches orientation according to new RNs, PCAS and unit clerks, organizes the education days for all staff and organizes the public way drug workshops attended by over 200 support members.


Dory Grad

Dory Glaser-Watson is a genuine leader in the nursing community and eagerly steps at the fore part to represent the interests of registered nurses. She has held sundry significant positions including CARNA provincial councillor, president of PANAsac (PeriAnesthesisa Nursing Southern Alberta Chapter), NAPANC (National Association of PeriAnesthesia) entertainment director and chairperson of clinical caress educator meetings. Dory is a role original for excellence in practice and a instructor to students and educators. She is yet to be-oriented and aware of future trends and impacts up~ the body health care. She has created people timely education resources which she quickly shares with colleagues to ensure unharmed and consistent practice. (Read more near Dory here).


Barbara Hosang-Grant is dedicated to ensuring her colleagues accept access to the tools and information essential for high-quality patient care. She advocates beneficial to an open, supportive learning environment and acts for the re~on that a resource for nurses by providing educational opportunities, feedback and lead. Barbara has encouraged further education organizing study groups by guest lecturers for critical-care registered nurses at the Foothills Medical Centre preparing with respect to the CNA certification exams. Barbara besides brings her skills and experience to the index at initiative meetings where she advocates on account of registered nurses to strengthen their clinical understanding, and work to their full end of practice.



Janice Rae is hot-tempered about issues about pain management. She initiated the piercing pain service in Calgary at Rockyview General Hospital in 1998 and continues to subsist heavily involved in the planning and increase of the service, which now serves all four adult hospitals in Calgary. Janice is a easy in mind expert and has presented on a species of pain topics across Canada at a numerousness of conferences. She is a dependence and mentor to her colleagues and spreads the expression. about pain management by organizing local conferences for health-care providers. She moreover teaches workshops for in-services to hospital shillelah and nursing students on topics including anxiety assessment, pharmacology, and modes of analgesic passing over. (Read more about Janice here and in the present state).


Arudselvi Sinnadurai’s experience in cardiovascular intensive care and adoration for improving patient care was outline in developing a ventricular assist shift (VAD) program for Alberta Health Services – Edmonton Zone. She led a team in developing to the point education platforms, policies and procedures and overall operations. Arudselvi has been consulted against the development of VAD programs at the Foothills Medical Centre and the B.C Children’s Hospital. She too identified the need for, and worked to be ~ed, a structured extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) therapy program to carry on patients receiving this therapy and practitioners providing it. The VAD and ECMO programs bear given many registered nurses the chance; fit to improve their practice through specialized instruction


Virginia Vandall-Walker worn out her early career working in abstracted fly-in communities in northern Canada. She demonstrated superior goodness in responsive, innovative nursing care ~ dint of. establishing satellite locations for those who had horns of a dilemma traveling to the nursing station. She exactly obtained her private pilot’s permission to make sure she could reach her patients. For the last 20 years, Virginia has been breeding with Athabasca University. She not simply initiated the first rural licensed adapted to practice nurse program in the north, still also developed the first proposal as far as concerns nurse practitioners to be educated at the recipient level. Virginia also spent time in accurate care, researching the different facets of the be wanting of family-centred care in ICU. Her publications be durable to be used at the Foothills ICU to shining new faculty.


Daphne Wallace is a first fiddle and role model for her colleagues. She helped open the United Nurses of Alberta’s Respect Policy document when she sat as a committee limb. She is also a member of the Aspen Foundation for Labour Education. Daphne is an skilled hand in neuroscience nursing and willingly shares her judgment. She welcomes new nurses into the declaration with enthusiasm, warmth and a ingenuousness that makes all excited to belong to this countless profession. When a procedure was life performed, Daphne would gather up club and take the opportunity to show them why it was being concluded and the expected outcome.


Frankie Wong developed the bladder algorithm which has become the gold standard in nursing and has been used in great number hospitals in Canada and the United States. He has in addition developed orientation manuals for the office of neurosciences at Foothills Medical Centre and published the book Basic Neuroscience Nursing, which has get to be a tremendous resource for nursing bat. Frankie has received numerous requests from universities and hospitals from right and left the country for guidance and lectures attached lumbar drains, burr hole procedures and the arterial offspring gas interpretation method that he developed. In etc. to being a part-time school-master at Mount Royal University and Bow Valley College, Frankie participates in the disentanglement of content for nursing programs, nurture tools for nurses, and research projects. (Read added about Frankie here).

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