Do Not Trust Your Doctor When He Prescribes Medication: What He Doesn’t Know Can Kill You

If you take anything that I pen seriously, please pay attention to this.

I tend hitherward from a generation who basically believed that doctors were incapable of error. Today I know that the fact reveals a lack of knowledge and endowment by many trusted physicians which can prove deadly to their patients.

Medical Doctors be under the necessity likely killed at least three of my come to terms friends and two of my relatives for the time of my lifetime. Each instance began with a misdiagnoses and ended with a prescript for drugs or unnecessary procedures what one. resulted in their deaths.

The majorship of today’s doctors are unable to diagnose their patient’s rank . They ‘guess,’ based steady past experience and articles in the Journal of American the Medical Association. They distinguish far too many patients and omission to listen or take seriously their complaints.

Prescribing medication is based put ~ one year of pharmacology during their leading year of Medical School. Unless they single out to seek additional education on a annual. basis, the only knowledge they occupy is based upon the information offered ~ means of pharmaceutical salespersons, who are often pleasing, and young women.

Months or years about taking the medication, notices regarding the weighty and deadly after effects of the drug are offering victims class action lawsuits. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who prescribed those drugs be in actual possession of made thousands, millions, and billions of dollars in produce.

The FDA is complicit in this station. Although it was once an instrumentality designed to protect American consumers from perilous products offered by the drug companies, today, it ‘caoutchouc stamps’ approval of prescription medications what one. kill or harm thousands of our American the community.

More than 40 years ago I was befriended ~ dint of. my local pharmacist. He gave me individual important piece of advice. He told me and my wife to never take a prescription until he had a occasion to research the medication and write word to us of the side effects the physic might involve.

Today, when you watch the advertisements without interrupti~ televisions intended to convince you that the latest proceeds of the drug industry will improve your life, ignore those claims and incline an ear carefully to possible side effects listed at the close.

America’s biggest health problem is not unlicensed drugs, it is over the calculator prescriptions which are far more efficacious and dangerous to the health and sustenance of our nation’s people. A billion dollar a year sedulousness has become more important than the lives of millions of Americans.

I assume without proof all of my fellow Americans; leave off your dependence on prescription drugs. As the final great Governor of Texas, Ann Richards, one time said on “Good Morning America” years ago, “we are not supposed to experience good all of the time.” Part of the human actual feeling is moderate pain and discomfort.

America is a fraternity dominated by drug use, and seriously much of it is prescribed ~ the agency of your family doctor. He or she knows in no degree about the side effects of the prescript they offer you.

I beg every one of of you; if you receive a recipe from your doctor, consult with someone who has discernment regarding the drug, or simply follow the advice of Nancy Reagan, and reasonable ‘say no.’


By James Turnage

Photo Courtesy of Chris Potter

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