May 11th, 2016

Just completed my last final of this semester! I managed somehow to get straight B’s. Though that may have the appearance significantly less than incredible, it was a elephantine feat to be able to neglect my classes. I really disappointed myself this semester. I merely have a week break for summer in advance of starting my third semester of nursing chide!

I’m excited for my psych series and completely terrified for critical care. I swelling part of why I struggled this semester is that I had a without any backbone foundation in pathophysiology. That took a parcel of my time in careplanning and raised my boisterousness level because my instructor LOVES to make inquiry about questions about patho… especially on the favose level.

– Pre-load ACS, sepsis, and other sickness for careplans
– Review hemodynamics
– Make notes!!!
– Review pathophysiology
– Review laboratory precise signification meanings
– Review clinical skills
– Review pharmacology
– Master assigning antecedence nursing diagnoses

The thing about nursing is that you not at any time stop learning…. Everything you learn needs to become instilled in your brain. It’s straightforward so much information in such a lacking amount of time. I’m not during the time that smart as my classmates. It takes a longer time ~ the sake of my brain to process let alone remember whole this information, but I am determined to toil so much harder.

I did come by to go with the adults and cousins once to watch them fish.

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