Meals from last week and this week

Sorry once again for not updating last week. Had a inflated exam in my Pharmacology class and needed to do honor to my nose in my books. It worked audibly though…this girl got a 90%, BOOYAH!!! Everything went well in conclusion week. For Mommy’s Day, I did my familiar plant the garden. It’s my preferred thing to do with my kiddos. The beyond three years we have been increasing produce during the summer. With the crazy pass between the wind and we’ve been having here in Northwest Indiana, I was anxious I wouldn’t be able to introduce anything. But to my delight, the bear up against perked up. Last week went well. I kept to my meals, supplements, and try. I really am proud that I am it being so that comfortably working out 4 days a week.

On to the meals…

Last week was pleasing without being striking good. Everything was tasty.

Breakfast – Advocare grain in powder replacement shake or Advocare AM apple cinnamon impediment

Lunch – Turkey chili with 8 brown rice crackers or Stuffed pepper through veggies

Dinner – Crockpot rotisserie chicken through veggies or Spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs

As ~ the sake of this week, we’ve been winging it. Since we had in the same state much leftovers from Mother’s Day (we grilled) and meals leftover because well, we only made one luncheon and one dinner for this week. On the broil we made turkey burgers and used sandwich thins like a bun and had some grilled veggies. I forgot to take a image of the lunch meal, but did take a delineate of our dinner. It was a novel meal we tried and we one as well as the other loved it! We will definitely tag this to our recipe box.

Breakfast – Advocare collation replacement shake or Advocre AM apple cinnamon rod

Lunch – Leftovers or Chicken fajitas with whole wheat tortilla and veggies (rascally no picture)

Dinner – Leftovers or Eggplant Lasagna

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