Med or Law? Dat iz the queztion.


After I graduated acute school at 15 (definitely too young), I knew I wanted to take a rank on anything Engineering although Civil and Chemical Engineering whither at the top of my list. I knew I loved Chemistry and Physics. I joined distribution quiz bees. I loved English nevertheless above all those, I knew I exceled in the first place in numbers. I was going to take Engineering as antidote to sure.

Except my dad was such against it. Someone, whose opinion wasn’t in truth needed, advised my dad to record me in Pharmacy. They said I was smart enough to grasp the course, inattentive if I like it or not. That’s more vote of confidence but I was not fortunate. Memorization isn’t my cup of decoction. I am so bad at it. It’s too boring for my vivacious nerve cells. It didn’t indefinite amount though – my reservations, because I still enrolled into the educate of Pharmacy.

Level 1 was place of torment. My subject courses didn’t raise me; I wasn’t the in the smallest degree bit interested. Hence my leave of abstraction for 1 semester. The lone noon-day spot of my first year in the literary institution is my English and Math rank.

Came Level 2 when I was catachrestic to go back to school. They were not entertaining the archetype of me shifting to another way. It has to be Pharmacy. I went back and certain to make something out of my life or I’m gonna die penniless, homeless and sad.

It became extenuate since then. My GWAs qualified since scholarships but I was already enjoying one more scholarship so I opted out. Pharmacy became again interesting. The subject courses became animatingly enthralling. I enjoyed my remaining years. When you exploration the internet or ask your Pharmacy friends towards our hardest subject course, Pharmacology would class first.

I loved it though. I engrossed myself in its complexities. I studious Pharmacology profusely. I got a 93 in successi~ my Pharmacology module during the board exam and it was joyous! From in consequence on, I was leaning towards enrolling in Med School. I be able to already see it. Aingel Joy A. Domingo, RPh MD. Damn damsel, that sounded so good to me.

Until I became greater degree of curious about my surroundings, the family, our government, all those socioeconomic issues. This started at what time I enrolled on two Philosophy classes that remain to be two of my ~ numerous interesting subject courses I have taken for the time of my university stay.

From then without ceasing, I perpetually go to the internet and inquire stuff about Juris. Sometimes I advance across books with lawyers as protagonists and they overpower me to no end. It pointed my curiosity even more. I liked felonious defense and civil rights law. I researched here and there it. I read more books. It was lovely.

Now I am in that punctilio in my life where at times I ask myself, “What whether I became an Engineer?”, “Should I follow close med school? I love studying diseases and optimum therapies.”, “Law is thus riveting. I want to learn greater degree of. I want to be more.”

I am such torn. I constantly think about my life choices at night. I want to be a savant. I want to be a counsel. Both literally weigh the same in my organ of circulation so my mind is constantly at a confusion. What should I do, self? What?

There bear been plenty of studies and reports outer the past ten years that own linked high cholesterol numbers to every increased risk of cardiovascular and organ of circulation disease.

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