Provision of Medication: Help or Harm?

Think with respect to all the millions of diseases and disorders that be possible to be effectively treated with medications. Pharmacology has made it so far in efficiently controlling, improving and divisible by two curing several conditions. However, learning concerning the health care system and since short term medical missions in the Dominican Republic, I interrogation the effectiveness of the medication used – I trial it’s quality, the methods in what one. its dispensed, the adequacy of freedom from disease teaching and the consistency (or shortness thereof) of medications in the Dominican Republic.


Are we giving the citizens of the batey the in the highest degree medication for them? Is the temper of the medication up to standards back home? Who is giving them the medications, are they competent to? Do they even understand which the medications are for? As doctors fust promise to “do no harm”, we grape-juice challenge ourselves and ask if these medications are additional harm than good. All of these questions get been eating at my brain and the circumspection in my thoughts can be followed side by side as the process to medication enlargement in the bateys is ongoing.


First against, let’s answer the question to the persons of rank of medications. Picture a normal custom you’d see given to you, at the remarkably least, there is a medication entitle and a dosage. A representative of a hospital we visited told us that, “5 mg of atenolol in your country… grant that you find the equivalent here, you may fall upon less than 2 mg in the pill, now and then none, sometimes a different drug”. In the western world, especially when there are unlike each other banquets to raise money and folks have connections at various pharmaceutical companies, acquisition medications for a volunteer medical cause to fail can be quite simple. However, in the Dominican, the character of medication is much lower. Does giving diminish quality medications become okay if the population is in someone’s eyes “~ amount important”?

The uncertainty of medication status is alarming and all I can think of is the incidence reports, perplex, and guilt that I, as a nursing close examiner, would feel if I administered one incorrect dose or drug in ~ one other setting. The people distributing the medications put ~ volunteer trips to the Dominican are many times times not qualified to do so. As the leader of my commit an offence is a physician, while seeing the clinic operating, Dr. Henry Lin noticed a major flaw in medication dosage which prompted him to act and make different dosages for the citizens of the batey. Had it not been toward him, batey residents may have believed unhealthy doses of medications. Advertisements notwithstanding such trips should read “indigence to be a doctor, pharmacist, and supply with nourishment for a week?!” because these trips yield high school students practice the prescribing of doctors, the medicine distribution of pharmacists and the hale condition teaching of nurses – all independently of training or repercussions. If you can’t act it in your home country, which makes it okay to do in one place or another else?

Another major concern with the medications and the be in action volunteer groups do on short space of time volunteer missions is that there is none adequate education to the population nearly the important medications which they are vital principle supplied with. Be it a speech barrier, lack of education for the volunteers, or limited sense on the civilian side – it is solely not being done. A prime precedent of this knowledge shortage was seen whereas a child who had been given anti-fungal shampoo during a head/scalp condition was seen intemperate habits the formula instead of washing his hair by it. Which revisits the question: are these medications/treatments causing else harm than good?

Finally, a greater point which will be alluded to in the descriptions of divers in this blog alone, is the inconstancy of the volunteer groups. One form into ~s will come in one week and divide medications from a certain class of drugs. The following week, a diverging volunteer group will have come in, giving a completely manifold class of drugs that can real well have adverse interactions with the class of drug the first group distributed. The insufficiency of consistency and communication between the present groups is a devastating flaw to the shared purpose a haphazard of us have in coming steady these trips. How effective is that which each group is doing? If in that place is a group who does verily do everything perfectly, how are other groups supposed to come in their lead?

In retrospect, I perform I asked all these questions and in my attempt to answer them, I ended up arrival up with more questions we quite need answers to. Honestly, I don’t have the answers – maybe none of us force of ~ ever get the answers, but perhaps the importance of them are not the answers (or lack thereof), but the questions, themselves. If this is well and good, as future volunteers, I ask you to query what you are really doing whenever you give out low quality, inconsistent, and poorly educated about medications to a populousness you hope to be helping.  

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