Second semester nursing student failed a class

0 Hi! I right finished second semester in a “Top 20” Nursing institute that’s pretty well known nationally. I did nice well on my other classes that are considered harder, like Pharmacology and med-surg, unless failed Pediatrics this semester.
The govern told me to retake the rank this summer so I can adjust on time in next May, so I am planning to retake Peds and hopefully prevail upon a better grade this time.

Since I fare not plan on becoming a Pediatric rear, it didn’t devastate me also much. However, I am just concerned that it behest hurt me next year when I raise applying for new grad positions.

Anyone who had a similar issue back in nursing school? And did it positively hurt your chance of getting a unaccustomed grad position? Also, I am from Los Angeles and from the kind of I’ve been hearing, the novel grad job market there sucks of the same kind with it is right now

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