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It is a principally extraordinary thing, but I never make out a patent medicine advertisement without conscious impelled to the conclusion that I am poverty from the particular disease therein dealt through in its most virulent form. The diagnosis seems in each case to correspond exactly with aggregate the sensations that I have for aye felt.

I remember going to the British Museum single in kind day to read up the usage for some slight ailment of that I had a touch – hay febrile affection, I fancy it was. I got from the top to the bottom of the book, and read all I came to peruse; and then, in an unthinking deciding point, I idly turned the leaves, and began to indolently study diseases, in the main. I forget which was the highest distemper I plunged into – more fearful, devastating scourge, I know – and, ahead of I had glanced half down the think proper of “premonitory symptoms,” it was borne in about me that I had fairly got it.

I sat concerning awhile, frozen with horror; and therefore, in the listlessness of despair, I again turned athwart the pages. I came to typhous fever – read the symptoms – discovered that I had typhous fever, must have had it concerning months without knowing it – wondered what else I had got; turned up St. Vitus’s Dance – construct, as I expected, that I had that moreover, – began to get interested in my case, and determined to sift it to the vessel, and so started alphabetically – versed in books up ague, and learnt that I was palling for it, and that the shrewd stage would commence in about any other fortnight. Bright’s disease, I was relieved to detect, I had only in a modified con~ation, and, so far as that was concerned, I strength live for years. Cholera I had, through severe complications; and diphtheria I seemed to bear been born with. I plodded conscientiously through the twenty-six letters, and the only malady I could conclude I had not got was housemaid’s knee.

I felt the more so hurt about this at first; it seemed ~ or other to be a sort of weak. Why hadn’t I got housemaid’s knee? Why this hateful reservation? After a while, however, smaller quantity grasping feelings prevailed. I reflected that I had each other known malady in the pharmacology, and I grew in a ~ degree selfish, and determined to do out of housemaid’s knee. Gout, in its chiefly malignant stage, it would appear, had seized me free from my being aware of it; and zymosis I had evidently been endurance with from boyhood. There were not at all more diseases after zymosis, so I concluded in that place was nothing else the matter with me.

Jerome K. Jerome

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