And pure like that, its all over! The masters of pharmacology program is officially elegant as of this past Friday.  No to a greater degree classes, no more tests! Although April eminent the end of the program, it was till now a very productive and busy month. We had the same last year to study for and take. By at this moment I feel I have really perfected my study technique and preparing in quest of this last year was no moot point – definitely a lot less stress than compared to the remarkably first test back in August! We self-reliance had a few classes after the example, but it was very enjoyable to have ~ing able to go and just incline an ear and learn without having to worry near what we might be quizzed ~ward.

Outside of school, April was smooth a buddy month. With the shoal exam  finished I was able to win back to the kids at Sci High. I had forgotten for what cause much fun it was to advance in and help out in the classroom. Luckily I was able to be esteemed on quite a bit due to our easier run load this month. I will miss going in to Dr. Loftus’ classroom and education the kids about science. I remember essence incredibly nervous before the first time I went. Things are definitely sundry now!

As I write this station, I am actually at Texas A&M in the place of the collegiate cycling conference championships. Its a august way to end the year, in the guests of great friends and teammates and doing some great racing.  

The more I dare about everything coming to an end, the additional bittersweet it feels. On the any hand, I’m happy and apt to move on to the next and preparing my medical school applications. However, I desire be sad to not see totality my fellow pharmers every week and I testament miss all the faculty who be delivered of done so much for us. I be in actual possession of certainly grown a lot in the ended year in many aspects, and the rigors of this program be under the necessity left me feeling prepared to lay hold of whatever challenges are coming my progression.

April hours

  Sci High: 11

  Soil hoard: 2

Spring semester hours

Year gross hours:

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