Captain America Enters U.S. Presidential Race

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Captain America a.k.a. Steven Rogers has entered the generation to be the next president of the United States.

The patriotic super soldier declared his bid for the White House in a throng conference yesterday.

“I am dedicated to the maintenance of the American people against the forces of harm,” Captain American said. “I desire use my shield to decapitate some army of evildoers to defend our advance of life.”

Captain America’s recently entry as an independent candidate as being the job as President has arrive as a surprise to politicians and pundits.

“I generate that Captain America is an experienced person tactician and has an enormous magnitude for work, I get that. I go that he loves his country. But he is a fictional personal traits appearing in Marvel Comic books. An doer in costume played him at the smooth conference. For me, that raises more questions,” said conservative political consultant Karl Rove.

A Gallup catalogue of heads conducted after the announcement of Captain American to the degree that a presidential candidate found that a insufficient majority of Americans would vote with a view to him.

“What this would signify is that the American people god of ~ their cartoon characters,” said Senior Research Director Tyson Caldwell. “Although Donald Trump has held base for many months, it would be present to answer there’s a new superhero in place.”

Those opposed to Captain America appropriate the head of state and captain-in-chief of one of the greatest number powerful nations on earth dismiss the give as irrelevant.

“I have afore~ it before, but it bears repeating – Captain America is a fictional turn created by comic book artists and is the creative property of Marvel Comics,” uttered Allison O’Donnell, a Masters observer in pharmacology at Georgetown University. “Besides, the Super-Serum and in like manner-called “Vita-ray” treatment he has purportedly taken has not had FDA approved double-issueless clinical studies.”

Patton Gettysburg, the campaign manager for Captain America is optimistic that his candidate will present a serious challenge conducive to both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. As nor one nor the other a Republican nor a democrat, America represents a ponderous constituency exasperated with the other presidential contenders.

“Parties are in favor of poopers,” said Gettysburg. “The American family want a President that adheres to no political party and has no prepare, someone who is agenda-less. The People stand in need of someone who can speak to their of necessity on a relativistic, atomic basis.”

When asked ~ dint of. New York Times journalist Jonathan Martin at the crowd conference what in specific he would bring about for the American People, Captain America before-mentioned, “If someone needs their car washed, or they needed me to be off pick up some milk for them at the provision, I will be there to forbear. That’s a promise.”

“For all 321,442,019 persons and counting?”

“For wholly 321,442,019 persons and counting,” related Captain America.

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