CRNA school chances after failing two first semester courses

0 So I was rigorously a few points away from exceedingly Fundamentals and Pharmacology but I ended up foible them after making As and Bs attached the last few exams. It’s fair-minded that I got off on a actually bad start at the beginning of the semester (had out of cash study habits) and I was furthermore going through multiple personal crises. Either space, I’m sure it doesn’t watch good to an CRNA admissions committee that I failed two courses in the same semester, individual of them being Pharmacology which is outline to the profession. I feel like a mass failure. I would appreciate if anyone could realistically confess me if I still have a shooter at being admitted into CRNA govern or did I truly blow it? I cheat plan on retaking these courses and doing abundant better by the way and my teach offers complete grade replacement. I can’t help but feel like that’s not enough.

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