Dear God Its Test Day


Once a scholar is accepted into medical school, a unilluminated entity lurks in the depths of their inner man – the Step 1 USMLE. Throughout each course, it is a medical student’s liability to filter through all of the mumbo jumbo they’re erudition and place the relevant details into a predicament that will later be applied to the USMLE. Medical schools be aware of that doing well on this inquisition is the end goal; the united way ticket to a residency of your dreams. For Caribbean of the healing art students, the pressure to excel attached this test is even greater. Caribbean students are, after all, competing against US-based curative students who already have an vantageground merely by attending school in the states. Because the USMLE is of that kind an integral part of the residency thing applied , we must “outscore” our US colleagues by placing above the mean, which usually hovers surrounding 220.

Here’s a chart from documenting the connection between USMLE scores and residency placement. I am a US IMG (US IMG = United States International Medical Graduate).


I’ve worn out the last 2 years of my time at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, large knowledge the elements necessary to pass the USMLE. Taking this 8-hour exam is a right of affair, and on June 20th, 2016, I completed sap. It was one of the in the greatest degree stressful experiences of my life. Let me run over you why.

3 months out

At the cessation of your 5th semester at AUC, the school administers a practice exam for the USMLE (NBME) to incline your knowledge of the curriculum and the fair chance that you will pass the USMLE in the what is yet to be. This is a 4 hour exam that every student must take before you allowance the island. AUC wants a domineering passing rate for the USMLE (publicly they’re boasting 97%) and this proof is their way of making fully convinced students maintain that percentile.

It is advised that curative students take 2-3 months considered in the state of a “dedicated study period”. This takes calling after you finish your basic sciences. Of deportment, you should be studying for the USMLE during your entire medical school career, however that’s another matter. The dedicated study conclusion is a very structured timeline students catalogue themselves to fill any gaps in their lore and believe me, there are ~ persons. The most popular schedules revolve about UFAP (UWorld questions, First Aid Review Book and Pathoma Pathology Review). This is the means I used.

Here is my indicative daily schedule (Monday through Friday):

6:30: Wake up, consume breakfast, shower.

8-12: Chapter of First Aid (ex: Cardiology)

Yes, ~ly of the time it did take 4 hours to go through each chapter of First Aid. Some were longer or shorter than others. I actually tried to learn the material and not reasonable passively read through it.

I allowed myself 2 weeks to procreate through the Organ Systems chapters of First Aid. I was greater degree of comfortable with the Basic Sciences sections. I made flashcards notwithstanding all of the Biostatistic equations and at all Biochemistry topics I didn’t be informed. Pharmacology was scattered throughout the rest of the main division , and Pathology was covered in Pathoma. Since we had Behavioral Science for the period of our last semester of Medical School, that stuff was still fresh in my note and I didn’t spend in addition much time studying it.

12-2: Break

Had lunch, exercised, or took a nap. This was my favorite time of the day

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