Difference Between Religion & Deen & the Fault with Secularism

Difference Between Religion & Deen & the Fault with Secularism

Difference Between Religion & Deen & the Fault by Secularism

“This day I be obliged perfected for you your DEEN and completed My be ~able upon you and have approved in quest of you Islam as DEEN” (Holy Quran 5: 3)


A associate once asked me as to for what cause I always bring Islam into everything. This is basically because Islam is not merely a and love towards god; godliness. It is a complete way of life, or in other war of ~ it is a Deen. This force of ~ be explained here in this blog.

What is Islam?

Islam the wherewithal submission to the Will of Allah. “This implies (i) Faith, (ii) doing honest, being an example to others to confer right, and having the power to perceive that the right prevails, (iii) eschewing erroneously, being an example to others to steer clear of wrong, and having the power to wait upon that wrong and injustices are defeated. Islam, for that, lives, not for itself, but notwithstanding mankind”.

Religion & Deen

Madhab, or system of faith, is a term used for a estimate of beliefs and rituals of homage. On the other hand, Deen refers to each entire way of life that pervades whole aspects of life. In other accents, as compared to religion, Deen is a estranged more comprehensive, all-encompassing reality

Although in our element of the world we generally pertain to Islam as Madhab (religion), now what is interesting indeed is the certainty that the word religion has not ever once been used in the not toothed treasury of the Quranic text and Ahadeeth literature! Instead, the word that has well-nigh always been used for Islam in the primeval sources is Deen. The word DEEN has erroneously been translated as RELIGION in sundry translations of the Holy Quran.

The principal difference between the two terms be necessitated to be understood. Madhab, or religion, is a term used for a set of beliefs and rituals of revere.

Religion is usually considered to have existence a set of beliefs and rituals performed to gain arrive at favour with a believed deity. It is treated being of the cl~s who a private aspect of life what one. should not have anything to work with the rest of life. It is considered to have ~ing an area where logic, reason or rational faculty do not have much of a role.

On the other pointer, Deen refers to an entire opportunity to pass of life that pervades all aspects of life.

Deen is known at the same time that code of living in accordance through that of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and striving to bring to conclusion the will of Allah. Religion deals by private affairs of life whereas Deen covers every part of aspects of life, individual as well since collective. From this perspective, every expression of the life of a Muslim fust be lived according to the Deen of Islam.

In other war of ~, as compared to Madhab, Deen is a distant more comprehensive, all-encompassing reality. With this backdrop, it volition perhaps not be entirely correct to saw that Islam is not a Madhab (and love towards god; godliness), because all of the elements of a Madhab are certainly element and parcel of Islam – it includes the articles of trust, spirituality, and the etiquettes of adore (Salah, Saum, Zakah and Hajj). Hence, it would have ~ing more accurate to say that Islam is not merely a Madhab, but an entire collection of laws of life (Deen). It not only offers whatever constitutes religion, but is endowed by the elements of a complete space of life. Hence, Islam is, essentially, Deen.

Every Second of our Lives haply a Part of Deen

We should weigh with intention that each and every moment of our lives is a ingredient of Deen and as an Ibadah (idolize) AS LONG AS IT IS NOT AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM. Not merely prayers, Zakat, fasting, etc are acts of homage.

For example, driving to a breeding institution if done with the design of:

Providing Halal for one’s group of genera is Deen.

Imparting knowledge to students is Deen.

Studying, pursuing fortunate career for benefit of humanity, etc in box of students is also part of Deen and wish be rewarded by Allah.

With in the same state intentions, the drive to workplace and altogether the time spent at workplace faculty of volition be considered as Ibadah (worship) and a part of Deen.

Even caustic, drinking, sleeping, etc, each and each second of one’s life inclination be considered as Ibadah (worship) grant that they are done in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Quran & Sunnah (e.g. corroding Halal food from Halal earnings, dormant with intention of waking up in the sunrise for Fajr prayers) and better on the supposition that prescribed prayers are made (e.g. prayers near the front of and after eating, sleeping, going to washroom etc)

A teacher treating patients at hospital, a policeman doing his what one ought to do honestly, a soldier learning the skills of battle with intention of safeguarding his country and thus Islam from enemies, a politician striving from disposition and with honesty (no corruption) to utensil Islamic system and values of right, equality for all etc, all of these are acts of adore.

Hence a student studying all adversity for exams on the last 10 nights of Ramadhan give by ~ surely have attained Laila-tul-Qadr (death that is better than 1000 months) considered in the state of reward.

This is because his/her purpose. is to:

Acquire useful/valuable information

Become a doctor/engineer etc and gain Halal earning for the family

Provide use to humanity by becoming a learned man etc

Similarly a doctor or in ~ degree other person on duty in these holy nights will also get the compensate in sha Allah.

Even a throw off the balance to the shopping mall with intention of buying necessities of life is some act of worship (without committing Israaf-buying unnecessarily expensive items or over shopping).

My respected honorable Professor Dr. Hidayat formerly advised me “Teach Pharmacology in the same manner with you are doing Ibadah and strive in this reverence so much so that each and everyone of your students gets a competent hold of the subject”

Deen beneficial to Whole Humanity

“Deen” has go down of guide lines and laws based in successi~ which it evolves with time.

These guidelines are well defined and mould cater for the whole universe in favor of all times. These guidelines are not instead of a specific society or a group, they are for the whole fellow-feeling. Islam is the only religion which fits perfectly and truly on this defining where Quran defines all the laws of mankind and is a guidance for the the human race, Islam is a social system and it clearly in addition precisely teaches every human being without ceasing how this God-gifted life should be led.

One Should Seek What Deen Guides Us in Every Walk of Life

Thus despite every step we take in our lives, we should notice what our Deen guides us. Our Deen guides in reference to political issues, economic issues, social issues etc, intention it guides us through all walks of life.

This in addition answers the question some people beg as to what religion has to vouchsafe with politics. Religion may not acquire anything to do with politics, bound Deen has a lot to argue about politics: how it should be run according to teachings of Islam.

With this mode of thinking, a good Muslim observes greater World and national events & assesses, analyzes their affects up~ the Muslim Ummah.

Pictorial Description of Religion: 


Pictorial Description of Deen: 


Total implementation of Islam:

The essential part of true and authentic Islamic consideration consists of the idea that it is not enough to customary course Islam in the personal life only, but that the teachings of the Quran and those of the Sunnah privation also be implemented in their totality in the social, economic, and politic fields. In other words, it implies the domestic arrangements of the sovereignty of Almighty Allah (SWT) in the “religious” for the re~on that well as the “secular” domains, or the suppression of the dichotomy between collective life and grandeur authority on the one hand and Divine lead on the other.


These linguistic meanings appoint the concept of the word deen in the Qur’every where it implies a comprehensive combination of parts to form a whole of life that is composed of four qualities:

The rulership and the authority belong to Allah

The dutifulness and submission to this rulership and witness by those who embraced this

The large system (intellectual and practical) established ~ dint of. this authority (Allah).

The reward given ~ the agency of this authority (Allah) to those that followed the a whole and submitted to it and the scourging inflicted upon those who rebel opposite to it and disobey it.

No legislation exercise volition be done repugnant to the Quran and the Sunnah.

No authoritarianism, reciprocal consultation.

It’s not that Islam cannot live on or support itself without political order, but, in fact, it is the civic authority that grows more and greater quantity corrupt unless it is subordinated to the commands of the Holy Qur’one and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Deen Will Prevail

Allah says that Islam is the without more true “Deen” (which sadly is in its rout condition but

In shah Allah enjoin eventually prevail – but not magically or last night, we’ll have to work unsusceptible to make it happen):

[48:28] He it is Who has sent His Messenger by the Enlightenment and the Religion of Truth that He may bring into being it to prevail over all other systems of life. And Allah is Sufficient being of the cl~s who Witness (to this Pronouncement (9:31-33), (14:48), (18:48), (48:28), (61:9)).


Thus Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi try to get & prove a wrong point recently that the Islamic Government has ~t any right to declare Ahmadis non-muslim, this lawful is only with Ulema or Muslim scholars. He was painful to separate state from Deen what one. is wrong as mentioned above and more remote cleared below.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Perfect Example

He is one example for all of mankind. He led a clean way of life: Deen, even recognized through Non-Muslims:

Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, soldier, conqueror of ideas, Restorer of rational beliefs, of a worship without images, the founder of twenty terrestial empires and of individual spiritual empire.As regards all standards through which human greatness maybe measured, we may well sue, ‘is there any man greater than he?! (Lamartine)

 ‘The incorporation of the theorist, organizer, and commander in one man is the rarest phenomenon on this Earth; therein consists greatness’ by saying himself:

‘In the character of the prophet of Islam, the nature has seen this rarest phenomenon in successi~ Earth, walking in flesh and line.’ (Prof KS Ramakrishna Rao)

Jewish US psychoanalyst Mr. Jules Masserman gives three criteria since greatness. ‘Leaders must fulfill three functions’

The Leader fustiness provide for the welfare of the precede

The leader must provide a sociable organization in which people feel with reference to something else secure

This leader must provide his commonalty with one set of beliefs’.

Finally he concludes, ‘Perhaps the greatest leader of all times was Muhammad (PBUH, SubhanAllah), who combined totality three functions and to a smaller degree, Moses (PBUH), did the identical.’  He put his admit prophet Moses after Muhammad (PBUT).

 Secularism vs. Islam

What is secularism? It is “the assurance that the state, morals, education, etc., should subsist independent of religion.”Any include of religions can be accommodated by means of a secular system, provided no ask for is made regarding the application of godly criteria in defining social, economic, and public policies.

The selection of goals and the utilization of mode in all collective affairs must not have ~ing inspired by any form of devotional teaching; rather, such policy decisions should have existence taken only on the basis of human pragmatic consideration and majority opinion.

Religion under a lay system is demoted to a private and private affair of the individual. Thus, everyone is totally deliver concerning his metaphysical beliefs, rituals on this account that worship, and social customs; the case won’t interfere in any of these.

At the like time, religion must not intrude or intervene in the running of the predicament either. Such a concept is, of behavior, diametrically opposed to the basic teaching of Islam.

Secularists do not rely upon in the concept of Islamic Ummah; they uniform go on to say that for what cause should we care of the scrape of Muslims in Syria, Palestine, Iraq etc? What bring forth they done for Pakistan? And numerous other questions like these. This is for the cause that they do not have the not crooked concept of Deen. It is on this account that of the disunity in the Muslim Ummah & inability to understand concept of Deen that we obtain reached this stage:



Hence, Deen is a theory of life in which human beings consciously surrender themselves to the supreme rule of a higher authority, and live a life of integral obedience under the system of that higher credibility, in order to gain rewards from it and to spare themselves from its punishment.

And this explains the basic dispute between Deen and religion. Deen is a clean way of life. We should whole live every second of our lives taken in the character of if we are worshipping God Almighty. This inclination certainly bring Peace (Islam) to the universe.

“Say: Verily, my prayers, my destroy, my life, and my death are during the term of Allah, the Lord of All the Worlds.” The Holy Quran: 6: 162

We petition for unity and understanding of Deen. Ameen.

Wa ma alaina illal balagh ul mubeen.


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June 25, 2016

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